Key points?

  • You can apply for up to £1000 ·
  • No match funding is needed ·
  • Anyone that forms themselves into a group of 3 to 6 people ·
  • You don’t need to be constituted ·
  • Existing organisations and those with existing bank accounts can apply, but must match the principles of Street-to-Scale:

o There must be autonomy of spend – you must be able to allow individual in your group to spend funds

o Data collection of spend – you must share the transactions to show how the money has been spent

  • Once the work is done, most banks will disband.

Where do I start?

  • Do you have a small group of people (about 3-6 people) ready to come together and form a bank?
  • Do you have an agreed purpose or focus, the challenge you want to address in your community?

If yes, then:

1. Submit the online form below.

2. The information is sent to Ratio who will send you a box that contains everything needed to make the bank work:

a) the banking infrastructure

b) Citizen pre-paid credit cards

c) social media to share stories

d) a measure of trust generated by the process

3. The Network of Networks [link to decision making page] will also receive your information.

4. A bank account and sort code is set up (if you don’t have one already) and you can begin!

5. Money is deposited into the bank account by POP+ or by Street-to-Scale.

6. The leaders of the bank give about 10 citizens credit cards to access the funds in the bank.

7. Card holders invest their funds to address the challenge identified by the bank.

8. Card holders and banks share their stories.

POP+ will be in contact to find out what you plan and to meet with you (we’ll come to you).

What is expected?

  • Work with POP+ to share stories and learning
  • To work with POP+ on collecting experiences of trust

What support is available?

Some examples?

  • Young people are forming a bank to tackle serious youth violence in their community.
  • Young mothers are forming a bank to help improve opportunities for children in their community.
  • Citizens in urban areas are forming a bank to improve mental health.


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