Join a network or start your own

POP started out wanting to play a central role leading networks, but it quickly became obvious this would not be practically possible with our small team, nor would it help recognise networks independent of POP.  As well as facilitating some networks we support through the Network Facilitators Forum. 

Network Facilitators Forum

This forum connects across the networks of Plymouth. It is for anyone who is interested in improving your network. You might be interested in expanding your reach and membership, sharing the burden of organising, how you organise your network to be a positive experience or how you best communicate. 

Bringing people with these common issues together is a great chance to learn from one another and share information and news. The Network Facilitators Forum will:

  • Create connections between networks
  • Support skills development between network facilitators around network development 

POP network admin grants: We have £20k to make grants to more formal networks to connect, grow and act. We use the Network Facilitators Forum to make decisions about this funding.