POP+ represents the VCSE sector, particularly grassroots community organisations at a number of strategic meetings:


POP+ is exploring how funding can be used to create a collaborative-by-default system.

Part of this is testing a way of minimising the need for grant applications and the wasted time this produces, while promoting collaboration within the VCSE and between funders.

We have created these webpages so individuals and other funders can contribute directly to the amazing work happening in Plymouth.

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Amazing Collectives:


The Social Investment Market Place Learning (SIMPL) v1.0 collaborative programme was designed to develop understanding of the barriers to developing the social investment market and raise awareness of the opportunities, risks and potential benefits of social investment.

As the first year progressed it became clear that whilst social investment should remain important, if we were truly focussed on social impact, for social investment to be maximised, we had to work out how it could sit alongside other forms of finance, collaboratively.

Exeter Co-Lab, Torbay Community Development Trust, POP+, Essence, PSEN and Local Spark Torbay form this strong collaborative around a common purpose of growing a robust social economy across Devon (and beyond).

Our view is that tackling complex issues via a traditional grant funded/social investment approach through individual organisations is not enough. We need to take a wider view of the whole social-economic-political system that causes these issues – a system that currently fails to tackle them effectively.


To begin to tackle these issues, we believe that we need a philosophy that is:

  • Human – showing more empathy, creativity, passion and trust
  • Learning – using data to learn, accountable, striving to improve
  • Systemic – thinking about the whole rather than the symptoms.
We believe that by creating the conditions for effective social investment more wisely using a Human, Learning, Systems philosophy we can begin to tackle the wicked issues more effectively.


POP+ has been liaising with the City Council (including its Public Health Department and Adult Social Services); community organisations, such as Nudge Community Builders in Stonehouse; STARS (Stoke Traders and Residents Association); The Hoe Neighbourhood Forum and Whitleigh Big Local to help create and support what are loosely being called Neighbourhood Care Networks, maximising local expertise to support neighbours-in-need.

But what makes these networks unique is the intent to combine ‘community experts’ – people with a real understanding of where they live and the people that live there – with those employed in a ‘professional’ role who work in the same area, such as, district nurses, social workers, ‘faith’ leaders, GPs and police officers along with local volunteers. This collaborative approach ensures that a person, at risk or in need, benefits from a concerted effort to give them the care they need.

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