When the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation invested in Plymouth via POP, it did so with an explicit aim to create transformational change. The principles of participation and collaboration were at the heart of this. At the start, the aspiration was to spend as much of the funding within the sector.

Over the last three years several critical components have been identified for successful participation and collaboration:

  • Openness and transparency in finances and decision-making.
  • Shared ownership of finances helps everyone to feel they have a stake and promotes shared decision-making.
  • Learning and reflection can help uncover the unexpected results and projects explain what the value of the work is.

We hope you can see the strong themes of openness, transparency, trust building running through our funding. We are constantly learning and evolving what we do.  

250 a POP

Up to £250 for a variety of small, incidental costs since March 2020 to support work that has a direct social or environmental benefit in Plymouth.

POP Collectives

£5000 for collaborative work to benefit Plymouth. This is an open process based on peer support and rating from fellow POP members.

Street-to-Scale (Currently Paused)

Up to £1,000 to help citizens carry out grassroots community activity which will create positive change in their communities, for their communities.

Keyham Community Sparks

Grants of up to £500 for ideas & projects that will improve communities or  support children, young people and families in Keyham.

NEW! Wellbeing & suicide prevention (Mini systems)

£40,000 to fund a collaboration using a participative approach that focuses on building collaborative relationships.

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