There are different ways POP amplifies the voices of communities and community groups. Our starting point is to create times and places where people can meet one another and share their passions and energy. This is why we support networks across Plymouth. 

Within this we are working with Diversity Business Incubator to develop approaches that better support Diverse Voices across Plymouth to be heard. 

We also ensure that the VCSE sector and community groups is recognised strategically. We do this in two ways:

Finally, thanks to a significant investment through the National Lottery Community Fund, we have taken significant steps in developing approaches to co-design that place citizen voice at the very centre of the process. 

Diversity, equity & inclusion

A particularly strong drive for shifting decision making, governance and increasing citizen voice is the need to ensure voices can be heard and have routes to influence and take leadership roles.

It is a moral imperative but, ultimately, it will also lead to creative process likely to produce an outcome that is richer and more valuable in terms of its potential insights and solutions. Through our experiences, we believe that there is another level of work that exists especially in level two of the Place Based Evaluation Framework. The foundation that affords ‘enablers for change’ is clearly fundamental, but we believe we also need to focus on Diverse Voices, that is, a specific focus to support those people who are, through one reason and another, excluded from integrating with the open structures, processes and practices. POP’s role is to seek to ensure that, as citizen-led action and groups arise out of these communities, dedicated attention is given to increase capacity and connection.

Diverse Voices

We believe our efforts can be best spent in amplifying the voices of those on the edge of society. Where needed, we therefore support organisations and people to connect to ensure these voices are heard. 


POP represents the VCSE sector, particularly grassroots community organisations at a number of strategic meetings: