Learning & Collaboration Fund

Round 3 of the Learning & Collaboration Fund has been temporarily postponed due to the current pandemic.  Any announcements on the rescheduled timescales will be communicated through the POP+ mailing list, website, and social media. In the meantime if you have any queries please contact charlotte@plymouthoctopus.org.

Relationships are really important for resilience. Collaboration and relationships build stronger organisations. It makes joint funding bids more possible, easier recruitment of volunteers and finding skills for your organisations and may even bring about lasting, meaningful and purposeful change in Plymouth.

POP+ therefore wants to incentivise and enable collaboration. Collaboration can be difficult and tricky so learning is crucial to improvement.

So we want to know:

  • How you strengthen your collaboration going forwards
  • What are you going to learn about?
  • What will you do with this learning?

FAQ’s and Reflections from Round 1

What can be funded?

This isn’t an exhaustive list, but the following might help guide and give you ideas:

  • Providing opportunities to connect/network
  • Covering venue costs and people’s time
  • Facilitation costs
  • Providing opportunities to learn further
  • Communities of practice/action learning sets
  • Learning about how to collaborate better

What will not be funded?

  • Ongoing costs


  • Lead organisation: must be a charity, social enterprise or community group
  • Partner organisations: can be any sector
  • Partnership mix: 50% minimum of charities, social enterprises or community groups
  • Lead organisations has a bank account in the organisations name
  • Plymouth-based

How much funding is allocated?

£20,000 per round has been allocated (up to a maximum of £5,000 per application)

Match Funding

Small groups & organisations (under £40k turnover): 25% of what is requested.

Large groups & organisations: 100% of what is requested.

In kind contributions are valid, but will be down to the discretion of the Network of Networks.

Note on £40k turnover threshold: this will be the average across the collaboration.

Decision-making Criteria

Trust & relationships: Is there trust within your collaboration? How is this shown?

Collaboration & inclusion: How do you ensure the inclusion of a wide range of different types of people/groups/organisations?

Taking risks & innovating: What shows innovation and risk taking within your collaboration and the project you have planned?

Learning through doing: How would you plan to capture, record and share the learning gained from your collaboration and the project?

Timescales & Process

Future rounds



TBC Network of Networks decision making

TBC Notification of results


Learning & Collaboration Fund Guidance Document