Keyham Community Sparks grant is made up of combined allocations from the Home Office grant, DfE grant and Alex Ferry Foundation.

Small Grants Scheme up to £500 – simple application process, no deadline and aweek decision turn around (post Xmas 2021)

Larger Grants Scheme up to £3,000 – a small application form, deadline collaboration requirement and participatory decision making

Who can apply?

Any social or environmental purposed group or organisation can apply.

Sole traders/individuals/organisations can apply for both small grant and larger grant.

Sole traders have to collaborate with a local/social purpose organisation for larger grant.

City wide groups/individuals/organisations can apply but will need to demonstrate they are connected to Keyham stakeholders.

All large grants applicants have to collaborate with one other local organisation.

Delivery has to be in Keyham or the closely surrounding area and before end of March 2022.

Application Process

Application forms and guidance will be available on line at: and hard copies will be available at KGP, the Jan
Cutting Healthy Living Centre and at other local venues.

Small grant applications should be submitted to Plymouth Together via or by dropping in to KGP or Jan Cutting Centre and a decision will be made by a small panel within a week – this will be to ensure the projects meet criteria. A supporting letter will be required by another local organisation or individual. Funds will be claimed via ‘Open Collective’, used for transparent and public money management. This will be an open, rolling process until funds are allocated. If groups/individuals are not able to complete an application they can discuss their project ideas with the Plymouth Together Hub who will assist. At this stage individuals and organisations can only submit one small grant application. All successful applicants will be encouraged to join the local Community Voices network.

Larger grant applications should be submitted to Plymouth Together via or by dropping in to KGP or Jan Cutting Centre. Decision making will be participatory – through a local Community Voices networking event during the last week of January 2022. Applicants will need to present their project in some way at this event – this can be via a video/short film, short written/visual presentation or someone on their behalf providing details of the project proposal. Funds can be allocated ‘Open Collective’ if an existing bank account does not exist. Deadline for these applications will be Sunday 23rd January 2022 5pm.

All successful applicants will be offered one-to-one support from POP to continue to develop community based initiatives.

Key criteria

  1. Strengthening the local environment – to encourage engagement, increase pride and involvement with public/community spaces
  2. Community based activity/initiatives for residents to engage in together – that have been identified by local residents to promote a strong, connected and resilient community
  3. Children, Young People and Families – DfE grant specifically requests applications to focus on children, young people and families with an Early Help themed approach.

Additional criteria

  1. Locally identified – has this idea been supported/identified locally?
  2. Legacy – will the funding offer a ‘legacy’ or support individuals, groups or organisations to provide sustainable communities?
  3. Inclusivity and impact – how many people will the project reach?
  4. Project management – funded projects must be delivered by the end of March 2022.


A Community Voice Voting Evening will take place on the evening of Thursday, January 27th to allow the community the chance to vote on which of the larger grant applications will be awarded money from the Keyham Community Sparks Grant. Residents who are unable to attend will have the chance to vote online. Find out more here


Key dates

Launch of community sparks 13th December 2021

Deadline for large grants 23rd January 2022

Participatory decision making event for Larger Grants 27th January 2022



All projects will be asked to provide written feedback/photo story for Plymouth Together website and/or in person at a Community Voices meeting – this can be a snapshot short news item/written piece or video.

If your project has a Children, Young People and Families focus you will need to provide a report on what was delivered, how many children and young people attended/were supported and the feedback/impact.