Plymouth impact

The impact of people in Plymouth, community groups, charities & social enterprises

In Plymouth there are 

767 non profits 

with a combined turnover of

£304 million

We need to be aware that there has been a significant reduction in the number of the smallest of organisations

None of these figures includes the thousands of unregistered, un-constituted groups that  exist within our communities and are the grassroots.  

Amplifying voices

At Plymouth Octopus part of our mission is to amplify the voices of the people in Plymouth and the grassroots. 

Impact is sometimes seen as only achievable by large organisations. Big = Better.

But change starts with individual actions – in your own life and/or through community action. These stories, news and impact create a collective story of amazing impact.

This is a story of relationships, trust and collective action.

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Collective Impact

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Work in progress

Working with MyCake Companies House, Charity Commission & 360Giving data have all been combined.