A Flax Corn Dolly on Blockhouse Park 2023

Last year we delivered a Flax Corn Dolly on Blockhouse Park. We’d like to do this again in April, building on the success of last year’s event, with a series of corn dolly workshops leading to a spectacular finale. We want to reach all parts of the community, bring us all together into the heart of the making and the ceremony. Release the spirit of the nature into the soil and reconnect with our ancestors traditions! The event will lead in to The Village Hub’s Feast and Ceilidh taking place that evening in Stoke Youth and Community Centre.

Daily Cause to Pause @ Care Nest

Supported by Global Plymouth, Care Nest (at its new premises in Millbay) aims to run Daily Cause to Pause sessions in which local adults (20 max) can rest for up to 2 hours in silence within its friendly, cosy, and safely-held space. Rules: NO shoes / food / talking / devices

Those who stay will be invited to capture and share anonymously their experiences by mark-making on paper, which may be collated and researched in the future via Global Plymouth.

We know this is an urgent need for many through our years of working closely with local individuals and organisations.

The Kit Bag Project – Is five a day all we need?

Funds acquired will be used to implement our new innovative program which is underpinned by nourishing and educating children and families about the importance of ‘not just’ consuming the five recommended fruit and vegetables a day, and will be delivered through primarily non- referral foodbanks to target the cost of living crisis & holiday hunger including the stigma.
Moreover, the program consists of the promotion of the other five core messages and ‘promoting immunity in the community’ (see below)
1. Hand washing
2. Mental health
3. Nutrition
4. Exercise
5. Climate change (the 5 Rs)

Genie Gym; exercise classes with childcare attached

Improving access to a healthier lifestyle and improving the wellbeing of individuals by providing childcare during exercise classes to remove barriers for parents. A series of classes will be run, while children are looked after within the same building (for example, by utilising 2 rooms in the same community centre). The aim is to provide access to classes that would otherwise be out of reach for parents who cannot afford them, and who do not have anyone to care for their children. Exercise improves mental health and by improving the wellbeing of the parents, the children will also benefit.

Mindful Art Club Cost Of Living

My idea is to hold a group once a week and will be alligned to health inequalities, lonliness and isolation. Our vision is to develop the emotional literacy and help-seeking behaviours of the people who come so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We want our community to come together and support each other.We will create wellbeing, generate resilience, provide accurate information and social networks. We know there is a need for this project as we are a grass-roots organisation and listen to peoples stories everyday about how much they are struggling with the cost of living

“The Kind Shop” (Plymouth Scrapstore)

We want to continue to provide an affordable, accessible, welcoming, thriving and creative resource centre and workshop space -a connecting place – for and with our communities, underpinned with kindness and a non-judgemental approach that costs no more to the visitor or beneficiary, as a result of the increased cost of living. We do not want to pass increased costs on to members, residents and visitors.
We benefit residents as individuals living in the area and across the City, through grassroots community groups, as students, in childcare provision, schools – all of which have seen rising costs.