Daily Cause to Pause @ Care Nest

Supported by Global Plymouth, Care Nest (at its new premises in Millbay) aims to run Daily Cause to Pause sessions in which local adults (20 max) can rest for up to 2 hours in silence within its friendly, cosy, and safely-held space. Rules: NO shoes / food / talking / devices

Those who stay will be invited to capture and share anonymously their experiences by mark-making on paper, which may be collated and researched in the future via Global Plymouth.

We know this is an urgent need for many through our years of working closely with local individuals and organisations.

“Not on my own”

Improving wellbeing and enabling people experiencing homelessness to reach their full potential and thrive.

Homelessness is a devastating, isolating, lonely experience linked to physical and mental ill-health, poverty and occupational deprivation. Building upon grassroots efforts, user feedback and participatory research, this project will be managed by Plymouth Soup Run in partnership with Plymouth Alliance members, Plymouth Access to Housing (Path) and Shekinah, plus the Health Inclusion Pathway Plymouth (HIPP). It will target people who are homeless or in transition, (e.g. from rough sleeping into accommodation, from addiction to recovery, from hospital admission and treatment to discharge), providing personalised support to tackle economic and practical obstacles to leading healthy, meaningful lives, and building sustainable futures.

Simply Counselling Cost of Living Crisis

At Simply Counselling we want to address our waiting list for funded places from very distressed people who cannot afford to heat and eat as well as accessing the mental-health help they need. Already the pandemic lockdowns caused huge increases in the number of people who were left abused, lonely or depressed and the current cost of living crisis has culminated in augmenting these problems to conditions of toxic shock for many people. Our waiting lists show the need and our success over the past 16 years proves our validity. We want counselling to be accessible to all in Plymouth.

Mindful Art Club Cost Of Living

My idea is to hold a group once a week and will be alligned to health inequalities, lonliness and isolation. Our vision is to develop the emotional literacy and help-seeking behaviours of the people who come so that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. We want our community to come together and support each other.We will create wellbeing, generate resilience, provide accurate information and social networks. We know there is a need for this project as we are a grass-roots organisation and listen to peoples stories everyday about how much they are struggling with the cost of living