“The Kind Shop” (Plymouth Scrapstore)

We want to continue to provide an affordable, accessible, welcoming, thriving and creative resource centre and workshop space -a connecting place – for and with our communities, underpinned with kindness and a non-judgemental approach that costs no more to the visitor or beneficiary, as a result of the increased cost of living. We do not want to pass increased costs on to members, residents and visitors.
We benefit residents as individuals living in the area and across the City, through grassroots community groups, as students, in childcare provision, schools – all of which have seen rising costs.

Home Springs Eternal

There is an identified need in our community for essentials that help families and individuals to feel settled at home. As we head into Spring, we want to deliver packages to people to help them during the cost of living crisis. These will include new kettles, toasters, quilts, pillows, bedding, cutlery, blankets, essential kitchen equipment and shower curtains, towels, as well as cleaning and hygiene items. They will be catered for each person/family’s needs and especially for those who are having to move into a home with just days notice – such as fleeing domestic violence, or given asylum.

Onward community drop in activities

We currently run a weekly food aid drop in session that has also gown in to a social gathering opportunity. Apart from supporting people with food items we have become aware of other needs both emotioinal and practical. As part of the drop in we also have Plymouth claiments union who meet every fortnight to support people with benefit advice. We would like to expand with other activities and support to people.

We have had many requests for various other support, both practical and creative and see there is great need. We would like to engauge a community sessional worker.

Y’s Group

Social isolation can have an enormous impact on people’s health and wellbeing including: high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer’s disease, and even death.

We have established a community group (the Y’s Group) aimed at reducing social isolation and loneliness for senior residents aged 65+.

Meeting weekly, the group take part in activities that enable them to improve both their mental and physical health. Activities include arts, crafts, sport and heritage and the residents are accompanied by several students from Discovery College to help develop intergenerational links.