Cost of Living Workshops

The one thing the team want you to know

Our cost of living workshops will equip the community with life long skills, tools and knowledge to be able to manage financial and life unknowns throughout their life. By providing community members with tools and resources to better manage their emotions around their finances we can help reduce stress and improve their overall wellbeing.

Project description

We plan to deliver two, six-week, Cost of Living workshop series within the St Budeaux and Barne Barton area, one within the St Budeaux and Barne Barton Wellbeing hub and one within The Barne. Within the cost of living workshops we will cover the following topics, eating healthy on a budget, managing stress and emotions around finances, making healthy financial choices, goal setting, money mindset and financial resilience. The workshops will embed practical skills to help make your money go further, include stress and emotion management techniques which can be applied by all in every day life and embed simple and accessible tips that all can use. We will also provide food vouchers to those who attend all workshops as an incentive and guide the community to the other community resources to help them to manage their financial wellbeing further and add longevity.

The aim of the Cost of Living workshops are: to improve the community’s subjective wellbeing and create a more positive outlook on life, equip the community with the tools to be able manage their wellbeing whilst dealing with the cost of living crisis and improve their ability to be able to manage stress and the unknown which arise throughout their life. It’s also worth noting that the benefits of these workshops can extend beyond just financial management. Learning to manage stress and uncertainty can have a positive impact on mental health, which can in turn improve overall quality of life and outlook on life.

To measure the impact of the workshops we will collect quantitative and qualitative feedback throughout the workshop series. Our main aim is to improve the community’s subjective wellbeing through this time so we will use the WEMWBS questionnaire, we will also use open ended questions to measure the communities perception of the tools they have developed throughout the workshop series and whether they feel their ability to manage stressors in the future has improved. The data we collect will be used to inform our work and further community needs.

Funding needed £5000

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

We will be working with the St Budeaux and Barne Barton community. The St Budeaux and Barne Barton areas have a high level of loneliness and isolation, as indicated by quantitative and qualitative data collected nationally and by the St Budeaux and Barne Barton Wellbeing Hub and highlighted by our previous work within the area. These two areas also have a high level of home fuel poverty, low life expectancy, low income, high levels of child poverty, and poor health. The Barne Barton area has the highest level of home fuel poverty within Plymouth and is high on the indices of deprivation and St Budeaux is a medium risk of home fuel poverty. We also have experience of working with this community group before, they trust us and know they can rely on Wellbeing Workshops.

What areas will the project be working in?2-3 neighbourhoods

Barne Barton and St Budeaux

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been going for a few years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Established for a few months


Salaries & peoples time 75%

Project costs 15%

Event/hire/rent 5%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 5%

Capital 5%

Organisations involved

St Budeaux and Barne Barton Wellbeing Hub/The Barne

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