We Count Too

The one thing the team want you to know

Many myths have been rooted relating to men and mental health regarding accessing support; bravado- men’s persona and self image has been a barrier and has made it hard for young men particularly in Honicknowle, to engage. A history of a gang culture and on occasions, limited collaborative work with both males and females has left a gap and young males now want to ‘represent’ and have a voice for their ideas and contributions into the community that can reduce stigma and be able to express themselves differently.

Project description

Our aim is to facilitate a safe space where young people known in the local area, particularly young males can meet once weekly to develop a network where they make safer, informed decisions on how they live their lives. The development of this work will target and support those who have been effected by social isolation, lack specific life skills where emotions and poor mental health have been a barrier.
Sessions will focus on coping strategies, exploring ways to manage situations rationally and safely alongside development for the future: Life skills- CV writing, educative options, preparing for transitions into independence. It is also a space where they can be creative and cook together regularly/ sit and have a meal and socialise.
This group is open to all, not just young males.. It is important that other people can access support to recognise difference and how one’s behaviour can impact another. Share different ways of thinking, expectations and breakdown stigma’s that weigh heavily on people’s mental health.

Current evidence is referrals and ‘need’ we are seeing through our project work. ASB is high, many young males have struggled within secondary education and many are struggling with family disruptions. We have seen an increase in exploitation among young men and the need to define this as future preventative work especially. Many young males are making harmful decision’s that will have a long term impact on their lives.

Our overall aim is to enable young people to create a safe network free from judgement, become resilient and feel they have a purpose. Within the local area there is a large sense of ‘existence’ and repetitive days where many now feel they want a chance to do something about it hence ‘We Count Too’ would provide that platform to enable this to happen. The success of this work be be supported by those who use it- delivery will be relevant as our project work is shaped and developed by beneficiaries.
It is important for us to think about sustainability therefore ‘platform’ feels relevant to be able to enhance this work and develop further.

Funding needed £5000

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

We will be working with young people, particularly young males as currently there is a gap for this project work and we are presented with a need to support it. We have seen an increase in ASB, drug related crime and low school attendance among groups we work with. We have been linked to family support work where disruption within households have left young people feeling isolated and emotionally struggling that sadly, they have made some unsafe friendships and had Police involvement. We welcome working with both males/ females as there is also an idea among several young people that there is not always a link to share how each other is feeling therefore, there is a low level of understanding of expectations and behaviour.

What areas will the project be working in?1 neighbourhood

We work predominantly within the Honicknowle and West Park area but also have established relationships with Whitleigh for different focus work.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
New, but we’ve done something similar


Salaries and people’s time: 50%

Project costs: 35%

Core Costs: 10%

Capital: 5%

Organisations involved

Local Secondary School
Social Services
PCSO’s where relevant

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