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Colebrook SW have been working in the community for many years and deliver a range of community projects from their centres which are the St Budeaux and Barne Barton Wellbeing Hub and the village hall in Crownhill. We work closely with residents in these areas and have a deep understanding of some of the issues they are currently facing and what sort of activities may be beneficial to them in the current crisis. We are passionate about helping people to save money by utilising some of those long forgotten practical skills such as growing food, sewing, cooking and home maintenance.

Project description

We would like to deliver a range of 3 hour practical activities on a weekly basis for 12 weeks that not only support people to save money but also support the reduction of social isolation as well as equipping participants with new skills.

Planned activities will include:- how to sew a draught excluder, How to make simple repairs to clothes, a clothes swap, How to make edible gifts, How to reduce food waste, Healthy eating on a budget, simple home maintenance, personal budgeting skills, ways to save money on everything, soapmaking from leftover soap, grow your own food, and how to sew a non electric slow cooker.
These sessions will be delivered by our partners Whiz Kidz as well as our own staff depending on their particular skill set.
We have engaged with the local community at our Wellbeing café and warm space and these are some of the activities they feel would be beneficial to them and that they would really like to take part in.
We will run an activity each week and change/amend activities in line with community wants and needs.
Our plan is to recruit some skilled volunteers in the longer term so they may continue delivering sessions as part of our wellbeing café.

Funding needed £2480.00

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

We will be working with those people who have been affected by the cost of living crisis and who are looking for ways to save money or make their money go further and are willing and open to learning new skills to support them with this. These may be those who are on benefits or a low income. We feel that those who are currently working but struggling are often under represented when it comes to any support so we will look to work with individuals and families whether they are working or not.

What areas will the project be working in?1 neighbourhood

St Budeaux/Barne Barton

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
New, adapting something similar


Salaries & peoples time 44%

Project costs 20%

Event/hire/rent 36%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 0%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

Whiz kidz

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