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Briefly describe your project

Retreats are expensive, and those who would most benefit cannot afford them. We all need mental headspace and selfcare. I would like to host a number of retreat days for the local community that have free/low-cost spaces, (number of events tbc based on costings/attendee numbers, but would anticipate 3). This would incorporate a combination of yoga, breathwork, a wellbeing workshop with Lauren B, informative talks, qigong and a light lunch would be provided if the event was all day.

In the spirit of POP experimentation, we will try different types of events and will trial charging for tickets for those who can afford to pay, while still offering free places for those who cannot, to ensure accessibility is not a barrier.

Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

We want to give people the opportunity and head space to relax, recalibrate, teach them about techniques to look after their wellbeing. This can equip them with knowledge they can use in their day to day lives. By providing sessions that people may otherwise not get the opportunity to partake in, this can open different avenues for them, in terms of looking after their own wellbeing.

The last retreat day had great feedback, with 92% of respondents reporting improved mood and we want to share this with even more people. Many people ‘know’ what they have to do, but often lack understanding as to ‘why’ certain things can help them, therefore they often don’t do them. By bridging the gap and providing practical experience, we can encourage people to take proactive steps when it comes to looking after their own wellbeing and mental (and physical) health. Physical health issues can often have a mental element, with trauma playing a huge part, but we are conditioned to suppress this and treat symptoms. Knowledge is power, and we want to give people the power back, to take control of their health and their lives.

Describe how your Collective formed

Lauren from PoWW reached out to Nicki and Lauren B (having met them through the mental health/POP circuits) to ask if they would like to be involved and join up for the collective, and they said yes. Nicki is keen to speak on the day and run things ‘front of house’, introducing each element. Lauren B will deliver a wellbeing workshop, and Lauren P from PoWW will organise the events, marketing/PR, creating the event on my website/eventbrite, create marketing materials. bringing in other professionals, manage bookings/tickets and investigating possible corporate sponsors.

Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?

HUB AND SPOKE – Like a bike wheel, one organisation holds things together at the centre, while other organisations perform specific tasks

In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?

Core Funding / Time, Events, Marketing / Promotion