Marginalised Voices of Plymouth (working title)

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Project description


  • The Intersection
  • Mindful Art Club
  • Moments Café
Briefly describe your project
We will provide a course of eight creative sessions for marginalised people to meet, learn and try new techniques in creative writing and visual arts. Each session will explore a different aspect of marginalisation, hold space for discussion, guide creative expression, and give opportunity for sharing creative work produced. The course will culminate in the publication of a book, featuring work by those who attended. This will prove a physical and permanent platform for the marginalised voices of those participating. The book will have a theme running through it, to be discussed with the course group, relating to marginalisation.
During the first round, POP members will be asked to advise you. What advice would be most helpful?
How can we get the book out there to people – both individuals experiencing similar situations, and the wider community / professionals?
Tips on how to get media coverage and publicity for the project/book in general?
How can we successfully reach out to a wider cultural and ethnic diversity of participants?
Where could we take the book ‘on tour’ once we have produced it?
Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

We anticipate three specific areas of impact:

For participants attending the course, we expect to see new skills learned, reduced social isolation, improved sense of community, improved sense of wellbeing, sense of purpose and self-awareness, and increased skills for self-management of wellbeing.

In publishing the book, we expect to see improved sense of wellbeing, sense of achievement, purpose, and self-esteem of the contributors in seeing their pieces out in the world in print.

For the audience of the book, we expect to see improved awareness and education of the issues explored in the wider community, and a continuation of this ripple effect from contributors in individuals who look through the book and recognise themselves in its pages, helping them to feel less alone.

Through this collaboration The Intersection and Mindful Art Club look forward to learning from each other through co-facilitation, mutual observation, and skill sharing. For both organisations, this will enhance our future offerings and act as a form of professional development that is hard to achieve as small organisations. The funding landscape often means organisations work in silos, with grassroots organisations applying for separate funding and working for the most part independently.

We also hope to hold a launch of the book to celebrate the achievement with participants and contributors. We hope it will be possible to build connections to promote the book by attending meetings and events in the city to promote it and with the opportunity for contributors to talk about their visual pieces, or read their writing. We would like to see the book stocked in the library and in local bookshops.

Describe how your Collective formed
The people behind The Intersection, Mindful Art Club, and Moments Cafe have worked together previously, but never together as a trio. Mindful Art Club and Moments Cafe have successfully collaborated on other Collectives. The Intersection and Mindful Art Club have met on several occasions at community events such as the REG fair and the Plymouth Mental Health Collective event, and have gradually built up to a project idea to run with the involvement of Moments Cafe.
The mission of Mindful Art Club and The Intersection overlaps in many areas, particularly in the way we support people facing difficulties and social isolation to become empowered in their own lives, in the way both organisations use creative and techniques and mindfulness, and share similar target client groups. Both organisations wanted to both combine forces and diversify their offerings, and to create a project that culminated in a physical outcome. Moments Cafe understand and share similar attitudes regarding supporting and empowering marginalised people. Moments has a central and accessible space the course will run from, and the course taking place in Moments makes it more accessible to the marginalised people who already attend Moments for specific support or for the community atmosphere of the cafe. It will also increase the visibility of The Intersection and Mindful Art Club who do not have their own physical presence.
Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
HUB AND SPOKE – Like a bike wheel, one organisation holds things together at the centre, while other organisations perform specific tasks
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?
Core Funding / Time, Events, Marketing / Promotion, Other / Unsure