Working with businesses

Business plays a vital role in our communities. Not only do you contribute to economic independence for people through jobs and purchasing, you often contribute socially. 

This can be directly through the products or services that you provide. You could be a local shop that gets involved in supporting the local community, or a tradesperson doing the same. Or you might be a larger employer that encourages your employees to volunteer and contribute through their personal efforts. 

We can we work with you to:

Reach the smallest groups

Very small grassroots groups need your help the most. They need your skills and your time. 

Work together to make Plymouth great

We all share critical crises whether this is social or the climate emergency. We can support you to connect with those that share common challenges. 

Working with public services

We work with funders and the public sector to improve the collaborative environment we work in and the support available to a vital layer of community activity – the grassroots. 

Co-design & citizen voice​

POP has pioneered and developed a nationally recognised programme via the Lottery funded Healthy Communities Together programme.

We can work with you to develop your own approach to the issues you wish to tackle. 

Co-production & peer approaches​

Working with the people that use services takes a significant shift in culture and dedication to the right way of working and practice. 

We can support you to make this shift. 

Engagement & communications

The grassroots sector is a vital partner in the response to the challenging and complex issues we face. 

We can support you to engage with and communicate with this vast groups of groups and organisations. 

Funding and co-commissioning​

POP has pioneered collaborative based funding processes. 

We can support you to reach the grassroots effectively and build the collaboration we need to tackle the complex issues we face. 

Grassroots support

As a vital partner in the response to the issues we face, public services can provide huge benefit through simply the transfer of knowledge and skills. 

We can work with you to translate important issues such as safeguarding into a community context. 

Collaborative and participative grant making

In June 2021, Frontier Economics reported an estimate that, “a £1 million investment in community-led social infrastructure in a left-behind area could generate approximately £1.2 million of fiscal benefits and £2 million of social and economic benefits over a ten-year period.” 

Grassroots impact in the VCSE sector is real and has power to bring change. Funders are attracted to the kind of impact investment in community-led social infrastructure can offer, but they struggle to reach it.

We are excited about what is happening in Plymouth. We want to keep learning together with other funders, while releasing the collective might of small and micro organisations. Please get in touch if you want to hear more and explore how we might collaborate together. 

Invitation for funders

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Invest in community and help POP continue to fuel the grassroots

Part of this is testing a way of minimising the need for grant applications and the wasted time this produces, while promoting collaboration within the VCSE and between funders. We have created these webpages so individuals and other funders can contribute directly to the amazing work happening in Plymouth.

Contribute NOW!

POP is giving organisations easy access to £250 in a highly transparent funding process and funding some amazing collaborative projects between existing groups in the city. You can find out more and contribute to POP here:

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Are you outside Plymouth?

Torbay Community Development Trust and POP are working together to spread our learning and experience into other areas.