POP Collectives Update

This document is an end of 2021 update on the current learning from our POP Collectives Fund. It hopes to inform the ongoing conversation about charitable funding both locally, within the Plymouth VCSE community, and nationally.

Since October 2020, nearly twenty projects have been awarded £3,000-£5,000 each from POP Collective.

From workshops preparing primary school girls for puberty to support agencies providing urgent items to refugees; from community art groups promoting wellbeing to opportunities for people living with disability to broadcast radio shows and podcasts, Collectives have worked together with invention, passion, and determination.

Since appointment, POP’s Learning Champion Simon Travers has met each of the funded Collectives and listened to their stories. Most of the observations contained within this document are based on first impressions from those meetings.

Click here to read the POP Collectives End of Year Update 2021

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