“May we care for ourselves; may we care for each other; may we care for this place.”

Stepping into The Care Nest for therapy is akin to being given a great big hug. The warm, cosy and intimate space is adorned with blankets, pillows, and candles casting a gentle light and creating a sense of softness. Helen Williams, who greets you with kindness and compassion, invites you to come to rest and settle into a session unlike any other you might have experienced. This is The Care Nest, where learning to love yourself is (as Whitney sang) the greatest love of all:

“All too often, we put our energies into caring for others and focusing on what others think of us instead of accepting ourselves. It’s not an egotistical love but one that takes accountability for our actions and one that is incredibly brave.”

This unique therapeutic space which opened earlier this year, and the compassionate aura that radiates from Helen, help to ‘hold’ the individual as they share intimate details of their life and explore their feelings, such as, grief, despair, anger, fear, exhaustion, frustration and loneliness. The extent and depth of feelings such as these, says Helen, have led to widespread ill health and great distress;

“Many of us are now experiencing pervasive and persistent trauma as a direct result of the harms that surround us. It cuts us to the heart, and it’s non-stop.”

Helen has set up The Care Nest to help people. Drawing on her own experiences and challenges – and armed with the appropriate professional training and qualifications along with an abundance of compassion – Helen supports individuals as they progress on a journey of rediscovery and greater self understanding.

Through a combination of talking therapy, mindfulness and body-mind integration practices, Helen delivers a trauma-sensitive approach in either one-to-one or group sessions both online and in-person.

“We are in a time of great division and loneliness and people are experiencing intense emotions that they are often unable to share. And, in our culture, we have almost no safe spaces in which to express these feelings so we don’t get listened to and often we’re told our feelings don’t count.”

From politicians to people with addictions Helen has found that any one of us might believe that we are not ‘enough’. Having delivered similar therapeutic practices via a one-hour workshop every day for five days to a cohort of community leaders in Scotland, including members of the leadership team of the Scottish government, Helen believes there is an undercurrent of unworthiness flowing through society. Through a simple set of invitations – to slow down, to notice, to name, and to investigate Helen believes we can learn to dissolve this flow of unworthiness and emerge with greater acceptance and love for ourselves.

If you feel the Care Nest could help you then contact Helen on 07584 635747 or email helen@matterinmotion.co.uk