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This network is for anyone who shares the vision to take a transformative approach that enables its people, its communities and its services to come together, to innovate and create a truly compassionate city.

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Please contact the Trauma Informed Plymouth Network coordinator, Vicky.

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The Trauma Informed Plymouth Network is an open membership group that welcomes any person, professional, or community representative who wishes to join us in developing Plymouth as a trauma informed city. Particularly welcome is participation from those who have experienced trauma, or who work with, or support people with experiences of trauma.

All members are expected to be ambassadors for the Plymouth approach ‘Envisioning Plymouth as a Trauma Informed City’  and ‘be the change’ that the trauma lens envisions.

Trauma Informed Plymouth Approach

Safer Plymouth Survey Report 2018

Home Office ACEs & Trauma Online Training Package

1)      Trauma & Intergenerational Repair animation (Beacon House)

2)      ACES & Trauma Scotland animation (NHS Scotland)

3)      ACES Wales animation (NHS Wales)

4)      Scotland CSE Trauma & the Brain animation (Lanarkshire)

5)      Window of Tolerance silent animation

6)      Brain Model of PTSD

7)      Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 1 Police Commander)

8)      Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 2 Sector Inspector)

9)      Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 3 Sector Inspector)

10)   Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 4 PC Performance)

11)   Police Scotland (Trauma informed 5 PC Response)

12)   Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 6 PC LPP / Children’s home)

13)   Police Scotland (Trauma Informed 7 PC LPP / Schools)