Mini systems – themes emerging

  1. Notes on conversations about collaboration:
  • People recognise it’s important, but what actually is it?
  • Some feel there isn’t enough, that often projects may not even be aware of each other
  • How does collaboration actually happen? Is there a guide for it?
  • Complex issues need collaboration
  • There’s lots already going on that people just aren’t aware of
  • We need to ensure we collaborate with the existing community – find what they need and what they are doing, not just our ideas
  • We say “collaboration”, but it can be easy to already have your idea in mind, and end up just trying to recruit for it
  • We want to collaborate around values – but what does that mean?
  • What really is a “values based conversation”?
  • Social prescribing – it’s collaborative
  • Collaboration requires inclusivity. Even some exercises at the groups weren’t fully inclusive
  • Collaboration is a verb – a thing you do
  1. As we think about action, what should the approach be and what do we need?
  • To understand then act – to have purpose
  • There is a national framework, how can we work with that?
  • What data do we need?
  • What existing projects work within the national focus?
  • How can we do a small thing and deliver on it, and then build?
  • We also need to affect systems, but how, if they are so large?
  • We need to listen to the issues within these areas, not rush in with our answers
  • Let’s not rush in too fast!
  • Stories
  1. The values and attributes mentioned:
  • Caring
  • Listening 
  • Proactive
  • Trust
  • Learning
  • Creativity
  1. Areas of interest expressed
  • Art Therapy as a way to reach middle aged men (high at risk group) – but maybe not call it “therapy”
  • Trusted adults in the community
  • Befriending services in the community – requires collaboration
  • Financial literacy and help – when you only have X amount left for the month
  • A toolkit for wellbeing?
  • Information: celebrate what already is going on, festivals, digital marketing
  • Video campaign – ‘oh’ moments
  • Virtues project & skills builder

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