Ideas into Action (formerly Street-to-Scale)

Ideas into Action is now OPEN for any YOUTH-led group in Plymouth to take action.

What is Ideas into Action?

We believe young people hold the future in their hands and have amazing energy and ideas to create a positive future. 

But almost all funding is designed for adults, creating an organisation to ‘do good’. We want to spread this out. 

POP has been working with Ratio, a CIC based in London, who set up Street-to-Scale to test a method of funding based on trust and relationships. We have now taken this on board and made it for Plymouth. 

We offer up to £1000 to help people bring about positive change in their communities, for their communities.    

You decide on how you wish to bring about change in your community, and seek other like-minded individuals to get ideas flowing, trust and momentum building as you gather around a social mission which you all care about.  

We do not need to know a spending plan – we trust you to decide. 

This fund is designed for groups of individuals not for existing organisations or established groups.

Getting started 

Message: (+44 7402 340797). Ask for a starter pack to be sent to you. 

That simple? YES!

Useful information

  • Are you youth led?
  • You have to be 16+. 
  • Decide on a mission – what would you like to do to improve your community? The money must be spent within eight weeks.
  • If you have anyone 16-18 years old in your bank (group) you will need a trusted adult to be invited into your WhatsApp group. We can help with this if you need. 
  • All communication is via WhatsApp.
  • There is no application form.
  • Ideas into Action is designed for individuals and informal groups of people keen to take action to support change in their community.
  • Ideas into Action is designed to enable you to work with minimal contact and involvement from organisations such as POP.
Why Ideas into Action? 

We know that people have ideas about their communities; we know that people are ready to put them into action and that they may just need a little bit of money to get things started.    

POP wants to enable funding to get into the heart of our communities. POP believes that people can be trusted to make the right decisions with, and for, the communities in which they live.    

History so far

Street-to-Scale funding opened in Plymouth in July 2019 and within weeks, POP had received more than fifty expressions of interest. Twenty-five Street-to-Scale banks were set up and completed, with a further seven, youth-led banks made possible with funding via Ratio CIC from the Tudor Trust.  

Street-to-Scale is designed to reach deeper into communities to citizens and it’s all about trust. 


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