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The one thing the team want you to know

Well established, our innovation drives our passion to empower people to gain the skills and mindset to attain self sufficiency, resilience and contentment. People tend to turn for help in a crisis and our passionate tutors can help show them there is always a way out of whatever predicament they are facing. We believe developing new skills and overcoming barriers will help them to increase motivation and the desire to succeed.

Project description

We plan to provide weekly workshops delivering:
6 core activities – participants can join weekly workshops to address any of the challenges they face during the cost of living crisis.
Parental Support (Messy Munchkins sessions)
Employment & Careers Advice

Driven by participant input, we will have an adaptable delivery. We have our own premises but also use community facilities to ensure accessibility across Plymouth.
We have been delivering for over 10 years and have a strong membership. Some workshops have recently finished through cessation of funding. We have a list of referrals which shows the ongoing need and work with other partner agencies for both referral and support.

Due to our EU funded project finishing we have recently ceased running our workshops but we are still receiving referrals and requests for activities from Job Centre work coaches.

Our weekly parents and child sessions for under 5’s provided much needed facilities for new parents along with baby weighing (a service which has become very scarce since the pandemic), support and advice, simple cookery for parents and children, as well as a hot meal at lunchtime for them, a place to meet and make new friends, working with other agencies such as Wolseley Trust, Peninsula Dental School, Devon & Cornwall Police and the Fire Service we were able to offer visiting workshops to provide information and education. These sessions were run with small funding pots from other organisations but have now ceased. We were donated equipment, toys and resources from a closing Children’s Centre. We have the premises, we have equipment, we have a waiting list, we have staff ready, we just need additional funding support.

We know the project will succeed as this project is an accumulation of the best of previous projects – the bits that worked, that people enjoyed and wanted to attend and had the best results.

Funding needed £10000

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

Whilst this project will be open to anyone who is referred or self refers, our target audience is 18-25 year olds. We have strong links with Job Centre young persons team as well as Social Services and other agencies such as Foster Care services, Youth Services etc.

What areas will the project be working in?2-3 neighbourhoods

Whilst based in our own premises in North Prospect, we also have good links with halls in Keyham and St. Budeaux to run additional workshops and sessions. We have a minibus/mobile office so are able to transfer people to other locations, collect them to attend our premises or see them remotely if necessary.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Been delivering for years


Salaries & peoples time 60%

Project costs 16%

Event/hire/rent 15%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 9%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

St. Thomas Church, Wolseley Trust, Colebrook SW, D&C Police, Fire Service, Peninsula Dental School.

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