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It takes a village to educate a child. Language must not be a barrier to anyone having a normal life. This project will in it uniqueness bring the host community and new arrivals together to share and learn through language.

Project description

Our plan is to provide a duration solution to the cost of living crisis by implementing a workable support and delivery model that been proven very efficient in tackling and addressing issues faced by vulnerable populations, mainly asylum seekers and refugees.
1- Early Identification
2- Prevention
3- Intervention
Asylum seekers and refugees like many other vulnerable individuals, are facing more difficulties and challenges than the support being made available to them and resources (financial & materials) available to different stakeholders to address those difficulties. Our plan is to act on already crisis points and prevent further crisis. Some of the problem identified are:
– Not having enough English language to seek access to entitlements and their rights with dignity places asylum seekers & refugees at the lower end of any crisis.
– Access to Centres and offices with duties to address gaps they face and where barriers must be tackled is restricted and subject to strict control that set precedence for isolation and loneliness.
– It is estimated that 4 in 5 asylum seekers are unable to independently seek support due to their lack of fluency in English. This is a huge barrier that unable every individual with such status to not only support themselves, but rather suffer from multiple challenges.
Among recommendations made by Expert By Experience (Asylum seekers in the asylum system), they have talked about an established support system that is a barrier in itself due to the long term dependency it creates. They are practically unable to support themselves, seek the right support and mostly cannot speak on their own behalf.

Our idea is to provide a centre accessible 7 days per week for and run by Expert by Experience individuals where they can invite the host community and native speakers to support their language through practical language exchange programmes. They say, give us the language and let us seek equity.
Language exchange sessions are primarily for all participants to benefit from the experience of learning a new language. Their experience is then transpired into a passion to support those in dear need to be fluent in English.
As we open centres to hold sessions, we will ultimately provide a warm space, hot meals and a platform where other stakeholders providing other support can connect with them.

Funding needed £5000

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

This project has been initiated by Expert by Experience called EBE. Mainly a group of asylum seekers who come together on a regular basis as a support mechanism to each other.
They have explicitly expressed interest in finding durable solutions to any crisis they face by making language their main integration tool

What areas will the project be working in?2-3 neighbourhoods

St Judes & Lipson
Greenbank & Mutley

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
New, we haven’t tried it yet


Salaries & peoples time 0%

Project costs 30%

Event/hire/rent 50%

IT spend 5%

Core costs 10%

Capital 5%

Organisations involved

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