Onward community drop in activities

We currently run a weekly food aid drop in session that has also gown in to a social gathering opportunity. Apart from supporting people with food items we have become aware of other needs both emotioinal and practical. As part of the drop in we also have Plymouth claiments union who meet every fortnight to support people with benefit advice. We would like to expand with other activities and support to people.

We have had many requests for various other support, both practical and creative and see there is great need. We would like to engauge a community sessional worker.


Not having enough English language to seek to access entitlements and seek their rights with dignity places asylum seekers & refugees at the lower end of any crisis. Access to Centres and offices with duties to address gaps they face and where barriers must be tackled is restricted and subject to strict control that set precedence for isolation and loneliness. Our idea is to provide a centre accessible 7 days for and run by themselves where they can invite locals’ native speakers to support their practical English. They say, give us the language and let us seek equity.

Giggles Crisis Support

We’ll offer a space where our community can get help with forms, phone calls & signposting to food/warm banks. Whilst here they can join in with our craft workshops to give their minds a much needed rest from all the fears & worries caused by this cost of living crisis.

They’re already reaching out for financial help, assistance & advice from us.Their mental health is suffering & we already have a safe, warm , trusted space, we’re in a prime position to help. Our community will be supported, listened to & know that they are not alone in this crisis.

A Warm Welcome

Finding would enable us to offer a ‘Warm Welcome’ to a new group of adult members who have both mental and physical health issues.
They come to the club an average of 2 sessions per week, to chat, be with others in the same situation and to take part in some physical activity to help releave stress and isolation.
To be able to offer FREE hot drinks and some limited hot food would greatly enhance the sessions for this marginalized group, who are mainly but not exclusively older males.
Working with the group since September has identified the need

CityPlym Coummunity SUpport Hub

Our current initiative was launched in December 2019, in response to the needs of our student community. A group of Access to Higher Education students realised that a group of their peers were struggling financially and were often unable to afford basic food items. To address this issue they approached the students union for assistance in establishing a food bank, a project that has developed swiftly and supported many students, particularly during the lockdown period of COVID. In May 2022, due to the additinal services added (honelessness, personal hygiene, young parents, clothing) our initiative was relaunched: CityPlym Community Support Hub.