The Kind Shop

The one thing the team want you to know

We need to keep the Scrapstore running for the benefit of all, whilst we continue to apply for grants, and do amazing trading through the till, workshops and as part of the local circular economy, there are financial gaps that need filling, so that we don’t pass those costs onto those who can least afford it but need our service most. We want to continue to provide an affordable, accessible, welcoming, thriving and creative resource centre and workshop space -a connecting place – for and with our communities, underpinned with kindness and a non-judgemental approach.

Project description

Our plan as always is to use our experience and local knowledge to ensure that those that need us most have access to what we can offer, ( if you haven’t been please come and visit us or check us out to continue to raise funds through bid writing and trading opportunities in order to develop new resources. We will continue to support what we see as the crisis worsens: that our footfall is increasing, not just in number but in variety. To share with others what we have to offer and to make sure that financial ability does not restrict accessibility. We will continue to collaborate with others across the city helping to make our space and resources available to all, linking individuals that we meet into other opportunities, helping to reduce loneliness and social isolation, by not only being that “Kind Shop” at our resource base, but also through meeting people in the parks and green spaces on their doorstep, always demonstrating that kindness, trust and safety are paramount. Local residents and the wider community will always know what to expect when they see us at events and will know that as they build a relationship with us, that they understand how we can help & support them during these difficult times and where we can bring a bit of ‘normality’ and happiness. Today as we write we have two examples of teenagers reporting that “crafting has saved my life”, especially where there are additional needs and neurodivserse/sensory processing issues. Such challenges are amplified at times such as the cost of living crisis. What this means in real terms .. ..we want to keep doing what we do .. keep the Scrapstore open 4 days per week and the first Saturday of each month. In essence we want to be around to make sure that play and creativity aren’t seen as something just for those who can afford it. We will have a presence in the geographical community as well as with our many communities of interest. In our delivery model we are supported by and support volunteers from many different backgrounds. We want to be around to offer support to our visitors and members, to be HERE, NOW – to be that ‘Kind Shop’.

Funding needed £4959

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

Our focus will be to support those who need us most, those in need of our offer whether it be play & creativity resources for local families, arts and crafts for organisations that support local people, carpet and home furnishings for those coming out of a care environment, or currently homeless or community groups running a warm space. We provide volunteering opportunities for local people (and those often excluded from other opportunities – people with learning difficulties and long term health conditions) and those who may not fit the standard image of a volunteer ie only available for a couple of hours, not really sure what they want to do or why, and those that ‘don’t fit in’ other places.

What areas will the project be working in?1 neighbourhood

Stonehouse as we are based here, but we will continue to have a city wide reach.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Been delivering for years


Salaries & peoples time 80%

Project costs 10%

Event/hire/rent 0%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 10%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

We will continue to work with a wide and varied selection of organisations including: Timebank SW, Gladrags, Arts groups, Routeways, Plymouth University of Arts, Barnardos, Childcare providers, Bogey Nights, commercial suppliers reducing their landfill/incinerator tonnage, Borrow Don’t Buy, Precious Plastics, Clean Our Patch, Art and Energy, Trevi House and the team of community builders and well being hubs.

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