We believe that one of the best ways to succeed is to work together.

POP+ is committed to collaboration and shared-learning: when you get in touch with us you can expect us to work with you; to understand why your project is important to you and to encourage you to work with other people.

We will introduce you to our POP+ networks and, through the networks, to appropriate people who can share, from their experiences, information to help develop your idea and support your goals.

We will encourage you to research the social issue at the heart of your project and support your efforts to engage with individuals and communities through the different tools and techniques available.

We will work with you to tell other people about your idea through existing POP+ channels of communication via, for example, Plymouth Octopus Project website, Our Plymouth website, social media, newsletters and at POP+ Thursdays. We will tell more people about your project and what you want to achieve; we will seek to increase your support and to find the appropriate people to help you succeed.

We will listen to your experience developing and delivering your project and we will seek to share these stories of evaluation and reflection with other people so that they might benefit from your experience and help them to achieve their goals for change.

We believe that good relationships are at the heart of the success of individuals, projects and communities. We intend to foster good relationships and shared-learning to improve everything from personal, community and network development to social change movements and leadership.