Powering social change in St Budeaux!

We are delighted to report evidence of a collective power energising projects in St Budeaux. Witnesses confirm the source of the power to be emanating from the William Sutton Memorial Hall with recipients describing a greater sense of joy and wellbeing.

It all began two years ago when the Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC joined forced with Colebrook South West (the community-based support organisation) to apply for £5,000 from the POP Collectives Fund to run some workshops in Crownhill for people experiencing ‘lockdown anxiety’. For the second round of workshops the collective switched the location to St Budeaux where they discovered the locally-based Arts, Crafts, and Laughter initiative holding court. It wasn’t long before they all joined up and, with further grants from POP, delivered another round of fun-filled workshops with some created around specific issues, such as, men’s wellbeing; confident dressing and sewing classes.

Laughter, says those involved, has helped to power the collective along with shared learning and mutual respect. Debbie Seldon, who set up the project six and a half years ago, and now runs five sessions a week, says laughter is definitely the best therapy:

“It doesn’t matter how much you’re struggling so long as you can still find your laughter you can find a way to keep yourself going.”

Kelly, who now helps to run some of the Arts, Crafts and Laughter sessions, firmly believes the jovial atmosphere really helps the participants to relax and enjoy themselves:

“We all use jokes and laughter as a way of expressing ourselves in the group and people see that’s it’s ok to be like that and so they join in as well. It’s helping us to bond with each other and to make friends.”

And, it would seem, this jolly space is helping to generate a positive atmosphere beyond the confines of the William Sutton Memorial Hall and out into St Budeaux! If you’d like to join in the happy sessions contact Debbie at artcraftandlaughter@hotmail.com

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