Membership options  

Following our membership consultation, we are starting the first phase of our membership renewal process in April 2023. We’re asking all organisations to create a free website account if you haven’t already – this will allow you to set your communication preferences. To register please go here: 

We are introducing membership on a rolling annual basis. If you would like to become a Full POP member, please select this when registering. If you’re already a member, we will contact you to renew your membership over the next few months. 

Improvements to your membership include a new members’ area on the website for easy access to our funding, support and other opportunities. You can also submit to our newsletters, events calendar and POP pages at any time. 

Can I check if my organisation/group is already a member? 

See POP Membership List:  

Are there different membership categories? 

Full: For Organisations, groups 

Individual: Interested citizens, people in large organisations who want to stay involved and updated 

Other category: 

Associate:  Includes partner and statutory organizations, for profit businesses plus organizations outside Plymouth 

Do I have to register twice? 

You can register only as a website ‘guest’ user and/or also as a POP member. 

I can’t access my account. What should I do? 

Email and we’ll reply to you. 

How do I unsubscribe from newsletters? 

You can email  to request / update us on your situation.  

Membership fees and categories 

What is the cost of membership for my organisation? 

Turnover band  Membership fee 
Under £1k  £0/free 
Under £10k  £5 
Under £100k  £10 
Under £500k  £25 
Under £1m  £50 
Under £5m  £100 
Over £5m  £150 

What dates does it cover? 

It is a rolling annual membership, from your joining/renewal date. So if you joined 27/03/23 your membership runs from 27/03/23 until 26/03/24. Your renewal date will be 27/03/24.