POP & Take a Part – Plymouth Together Commission

In 2022, POP commissioned Take a Part to work with POP, its members and the wider charity & social enterprise sector to take a creative investigation exploring collaboration. 

Collaboration is at the heart of what POP does and champions, so it made sense to try and find out what drives it in Plymouth. This is not a impact report showing POP’s success. Our original brief stated clearly why:

“The rationale for excluding attribution of POP’s influence is that people and organisations make their own change and their own success. The role of POP is secondary to celebrating this. To view it in any other way removes the agency of those we seek to support, and thereby inadvertently acts against our primary role as support for grassroots groups.

To acknowledge the arrogance in claiming vicarious success does not conflict with showing confidence in our own strengths and role in Plymouth. We therefore want to highlight, celebrate and make the case for grassroots groups and grassroots collaboration.”

Instead, we want this to be an independent portrayal of what we think makes collaboration work and what gets in the way. 

Here are the results:

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