POP Collectives Relaunch

POP is delighted to announce the launch this month of its new-and-improved Collectives Fund.

Set up by POP in August 2020, The Collectives Fund exists to support POP members working at the ‘grassroots’ level of community action. Through the creation of many unique and innovative collaborations, the fund has helped to bring about real social change, by the people, for the people. Now, after a brief lull during which there has been a period of consideration, reflection and learning, POP declares the Collectives Fund Mark II open for new applications! This is our commitment to creating change through collaboration.

POP has invested more than £270,000 in 62 projects across the city in the last three years.

Here are some examples of collaborative projects that were helped by the POP Collectives Fund:

  • Ocean City Publishing – improving literacy and increasing literary opportunities in Stonehouse.
  • Vacancy Atlas and its Window of Opportunity – bringing creative ideas into empty shops and livening up the City Centre.
  • Setting Sail Together – providing sailing lessons for refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Pride Community Working Together – creating inclusive spaces so that we might share and learn from each other.

We know that Plymouth is buzzing with ideas and vibrating with the energies of so many people wanting to create change, particularly within their own communities. The Collectives Fund enables like-minded people to come together to generate change.

Different types of POP Collectives:

  • Working in geographic communities, e.g., in Stoke; Ernesettle and Chaddlewood
  • Those sharing an interest or passion, e.g. History and Storytelling
  • Collectives formed around ‘health & wellbeing’, such as, those supporting people with mental health; trauma and periods
  • Collaborating around shared ‘Sexuality’ such as the Pride Communities

The POP Collectives Fund is now open!

As before, you’ll need to be in a collaboration of (at least) three POP members. However, there will now be six rounds of funding throughout the year (roughly every two months) and we will be funding three projects chosen by your fellow POP members. Applicants can apply for up to £5,000.

Those organisations within a successful collective will need to wait twelve months before they can apply again. For more information visit https://support.plymouthoctopus.org/funding-details?recordId=recHw9DYbYyGkiZvC or email simon@plymouthoctopus.org

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