We are looking for enthusiastic, passionate individuals and organisations to help us develop our already beneficial service within the community to reach more people, and continue to provide services that are wanted/needed within the community. 

We have a massive Community Space above Moments Cafe that can be used for all sorts of community projects, and we are looking for your help to develop this with us.

Our mission is to expand our community hub, which is located above the cafe, by creating a similar atmosphere to Moments café. The cafe provides a safe and inclusive space for all, whilst also ensuring it is a dementia friendly environment. We would like to create a space in our current community hub that encompasses a variety of support groups, activities and networks for a range of issues such as mental health, dementia, loneliness, disabilities and inclusion. 

We believe this will be an exciting opportunity for like minded organisations to collectively work together to share ideas and put them into action on how we can best support our community.

Is there anything you think our community is in need of right now? We would love to hear your suggestions, and potentially have further conversations on how we can work together to make these positive changes within our community.

Moments Cafewww.moments-cafe.com

A warm, caring, friendly environment for all. Moments Cafe acts as a subconscious support network for a lot of people. We attract a lot of people through our doors who are vulnerable, and we support them the best we can in the Cafe. However, we want to develop our offer to the community, and start projects upstairs in our Memory Matters Hub which will benefit our customers and the general public. 

Moments Cafe is part of Memory Matters South West CIC (Community Interest Company), with all of our profits going towards supporting people in our community affected by dementia. 

Memory Matters Hubwww.memorymatters.org.uk

Our Memory Matters Hub is located above the Cafe. It is used for our free dementia advice and support, and we have a drop in service available for people to drop in at their convenience, and receive advice and support about anything to do with memory loss or dementia. 

We have two big rooms in our Memory Matters Hub which can be used for activities, workshops, training etc. We also have two smaller rooms, which can be used for smaller gatherings, or one to one meetings/sessions. 

Currently, we offer this space to hire, at an affordable price. However, we want to develop our Hub within the community and make sure that the space upstairs is used by the community, for what the community wants/needs.

Project Criteria:

Dementia Friendly and inclusive to all – 

Memory Matters’ ethos is to enrich the lives of people living with dementia, and to help them thrive in their community; to be visible, valued, and heard. And to also support those affected by dementia in any way we can. 

What we want to achieve: 

Make a positive difference in the community – taking into consideration what the community wants

Support people in regards to Dementia, Social isolation, Mental Health Issues, Loneliness

Workshops/support groups which are Dementia friendly and inclusive to all

Work alongside other organisations who also share our values – (People-focused, Compassionate, Open, Positive, Creative & Fun) – to create positive change

Ideas that could be looked at in regards to projects in our Memory Matters Hub:

  • Mental Health
  • Loneliness
  • Social Isolation
  • Dementia Support
  • Life after Lockdown
  • Bringing the community together 
  • Support Groups
  • Wellbeing/Wellness
  • Physical wellbeing – e.g. Nutrition, activities, keeping active