From mindfulness to martial arts; gardening to gaming and crafting to conversations, an abundance of grassroots initiatives has taken root in Keyham since the beginning of the year bringing people together and strengthening relationships.

Now, a second round of the Keyham Community Sparks Grant, has been announced which will see a second wave of small but significant projects bring further positive change to the area and its residents.

29 large grants of £3000 and 33 small grants of £500 have already been invested in the Keyham community either to kick start or sustain community projects. Thanks to an additional pot of money from the Office of the Police & Crime Commissioner for Devon & Cornwall, there will be a further round of £10,000 gifting £500 to both new and existing projects to support people; strengthen the community and help to create a greater sense of belonging.

Debbie Burton, Plymouth Together Coordinator says it’s been amazing seeing the community get involved and bring about exciting opportunities so quickly:

“There’s so much talent in the area and the willingness of individuals to share their skills with others. We have an amazing range of projects already underway which are really bringing people together, such as the dancing, cooking and planting workshops. And this second round of funding will see more opportunities for more residents and, with it, bring about a stronger supportive community.”

Imogen Potter, the capacity building manager from POP, which has been managing the funding process, says even the application process is all about fostering greater ties within the community:

“Each person or project that applies for the Sparks funding needs to get other local organisations to support their application. So even at the early stage of applying people are having to talk to each other and, in doing so, are creating stronger relationships. That in itself, is going to have a positive impact in Keyham even before these projects have got off the ground!”

Changes have already begun at the 1st Keyham Scout Group which successfully applied for two lots of £500: one, to pay for some much-needed new equipment and the second, to help set up a new scouting group, “Squirrels”, for four to six-year-olds. Scout leader, John Davies, says the positive effects can be widespread:

“When you build up relationships you build up teamwork and aspirations and give youngster something to look forward to and that has the potential to reduce negative impacts on the community.”

Round Two of the Small Grants Scheme is now OPEN! You don’t need a bank account and, unlike most conventional funds, decisions are quick: each application is usually considered, approved or rejected within a week. Don’t hang about, visit for more information.