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Get Crafty will offer low income families a chance to be creative together in a warm, safe and friendly environment. Being creative together encourages team work and strengthens the family bond.
This funding will ensure that we can continue to offer this experience at a much reduced cost through to the end of 2023.

Project description

When we opened 5 months ago our aim was to offer a safe, warm and friendly environment to all those in the local community who felt the need to utilise our offering. We have asked our customers what it is they feel they need. Most have told us that they enjoy our relaxed atmosphere, quality snacks and drinks at low prices and the wide selection of free crafts alongside low cost activities suitable for all age groups.
The cost of living crisis is reported to be affecting 94% of the adult population. Low income families spend significantly more on food and energy. This leaves very little to be enjoyed. Offering a low cost activity ensures that families can continue to spend quality time together. Research shows that a shared activity deepens the family bond and strengthens teamwork and communication skills.
We are situated on the border of Stonehouse and Stoke. As such there is a large population of people in our area living in poverty. The recent cost of living increases have only exasperated the problems.
We have trialled our popular Thursday taster workshop sessions on a Saturday after feedback that much of what we offered would be enjoyed as a family activity. As a result we now offer a drop in service with no pre booking required. We had feedback that the pressure to book a time and attend often acted as a deterrent. However, if people do wish to book to give themselves the accountability that they need, this is possible.
So far we have offered 5 Get Crafty events. These events have supported a total of 63 people across 25 groups, the average group size is therefore 2.5. Each session has grown in size and our upcoming session already has interest from 4 family groups, totalling 15 people.
Funding for this project will ensure that it can continue to grow and be enjoyed by our community. With funding we can enhance our workshop range by investing in a greater selection of craft supplies and materials. Offering a variety of crafts will ensure that these families can expand on their shared knowledge. In addition to strengthening the family bonds we have found that people are getting to know each other and sharing mutual concerns and by talking to each other they feel supported and understood. This helps to reduce fears and in itself improves mental health.

Funding needed £3040

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

The focus of this project is low income families who have been hardest hit by the current cost of living crisis. With more money being spent on food and energy there is very little money available for enjoying a family experience together. Spending time together, especially creating, is very beneficial to the family unit.

What areas will the project be working in?2-3 neighbourhoods

We are based on the border between Stoke and Stonehouse. This is the neighbourhood that the bulk of our project will benefit.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been around for less than 6 months

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Established for a few months


Salaries & peoples time 40%

Project costs 10%

Event/hire/rent 40%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 10%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

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