Funded Student Support for POP members

Students from the University of Plymouth are looking to undertake free consultancy projects in the coming academic year.  The University would like to offer this to POP members.

Offer 1 – Fundraising event or a one-off awareness raising activity

There is an opportunity to have a group of 5-6 students plan and carry out a project activity on behalf of your organisation. This could be, for example, a fundraising event or a one-off awareness raising activity etc. Projects must be low risk, not be business critical, not incur any costs on behalf of the University and take place in early-mid December 2021.

The students are studying a ‘Project Management’ module as part of the undergraduate BSc (Hons) Business Management degree programme at The University of Plymouth. The module starts at the end of September and runs until mid-December 2021. Projects have to be completed within that timescale, so the event/activity must be achievable within that timeframe.

You will be required to meet with the students to determine the precise objectives/outcomes desired and be available to answer ongoing questions throughout the project’s duration.
Whether meetings and the activity/event will take place virtually or in person, will be determined by Covid-19 restrictions nearer the time.

Offer 2 – Creative, collaborative project (film, animation, sound, photography to web design)

Our final year BA (Hons) Media Arts students at The University of Plymouth are looking for opportunities to work creatively, in a collaborative context, with a client. The module runs from Thurs 30th September until 16th December 2021. The students have access to appropriate technology in order to produce high quality products. They work in a variety of media, from film, animation, sound, photography to web design. The projects they take up range from creative collaborations, to promotion and community projects.

Within the teaching on the ‘Collaborative and Contextual Practice’ module, students are encouraged to think about skills needed in collaborative work: how to negotiate, work flexibly, and think creatively. We expect the client to meet and give feedback on the student’s progress approximately once a week/once a fortnight (this can be via email, Skype, Zoom etc.) and to be involved in giving an interview to camera for a reflective, behind the scenes video, which is produced as part of the student’s self-promotion. This interview can be recorded via Skype or Zoom.

Offer 3 – Creative, written content for a webpage, blog, leaflet, social media campaign etc.

Would you be interested in having a student write some compelling copy for your organisation?  
e.g. They could create content for a webpage, blog, leaflet, social media campaign etc.

The programme leader of ‘BA (Hons) English and Creative Writing’ and ‘BA (Hons) Creative and Professional Writing’ at the University of Plymouth is keen for his students to gain some extra-curricular work experience. Do you have a small project a student could help you with? They would work remotely, starting sometime in September.

If you are interested in applying for any of these offers, please email for further details and an application form.
Please indicate which offers you are interested in. You may apply for more than one.

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