Feeding the community

The one thing the team want you to know

This is a tried and tested model which does what it says on the tin. We feed those in the community who are the most vulnerable whether adults, families, or young people hot nutritious food, which is delivered to their home. Eating healthy nutritious food has so many positive effects on mental health, wellbeing, and concentration. We believe having a full belly is a fundamental right which should be had by all.

Project description

We are targeting the most vulnerable people in our community because we know that self-care and nutrition can sometimes be at the bottom of their list. This could be due to financial contrainst, support and or motivation. We will use the funding to contribute to the normal cost of a two course meal. By doing this we reduce the price of the meal so that the client pays a fraction of the price. For example, the normal price of a two course meal is £6, however £4 would be contributed from the funding and the client only pays the balance of £2.

Funding applied for £10,000
Admin/core costs £1,000
Contribution Funding £9,000
Meals 2,250 subsidised meals over 6 months

However, whilst we are asking for £10,000, we can still absolutely make a difference with £5,000. The important thing about this idea is it can be adapted. Of course, the numbers would change but we could still make a big impact, nonetheless.

This is a tried and tested model which is simple yet effective. We know this because our clients tell us the difference this makes to their lives. Having a hot nutritious meal makes a massive impact both on physical health and mental health. In a society where not only the food we buy is becoming so expensive, now to even cook it is breaking the bank for some people. This project is giving those who need it most a choice because right now many of them don’t have a choice.

Funding needed £10000

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

We will be working with the most vulnerable, this includes the elderly, families, and young adults.
By doing this we support their strength by improving wellbeing and resilience through a combination of nutritious meals and contact with volunteers. Improving mental health through reducing loneliness and isolation resulting in physical and phone contact, good nutrition, regular conversation with somebody outside of their lives.

What areas will the project be working in?City wide

We work in areas PL1 – PL9 and everything in between. Whilst there are ‘pockets’ of people in each postcode area, there are some clear indicators which show people from certain postcodes needing our services more than others. These are PL1, PL4, PL5, PL7. Our clients come to us from many ways, a lot are referred from other community groups like the Wolseley Trust, Livewell, Adult Social Care and of course word of mouth.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been going for a few years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Established for a year


Salaries & peoples time 0%

Project costs 90%

Event/hire/rent 0%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 10%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

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