NeuDICE Plymouth Living Lab


NeuDICE Plymouth’s Living Lab is now running monthly!

A Living Lab is an occasion where we share challenges, hacks that work for us, and come up with ideas to try. All with a view to help us be successful in business as the neurodivergent folk we are. We welcome anyone feels they are trying to squeeze themselves into doing business as usual.

Living Labs are held monthly at Leadworks where we have booked a private space for the sessions. Drinks and snacks are available from the Leadworks cafe.

Come and meet Ed the Duck and learn how a small yellow bath toy can increase workplace productivity (yes, really!).

Members are welcome to invite others who want to experience what NeuDICE is all about. We’ll have time for a coffee and snack at Leadworks Cafe, once the 2 hours lab session has finished, for networking or getting signed up as a member.