Health is Wealth – Collaborative Dementia Project Workshop


Health is Wealth Workshop with ComPHAD which will explore a Collaborative Approach to Tackle Brain Health Inequality in Aging Underrepresented Communities.

Aim of the workshop: ComPHAD aims to change how we work with communities to understand brain health with ageing, including dementia, that is not captured by routine health data. Our mission is to create culturally and socially appropriate ways of understanding brain health and memory problems by actively involving the community in every step of the process.

For this workshop, we would like to explore:

  • Unique challenges faced by different communities which impact aging well
  • Stigma and aging brain health
  • Resolving challenges with collecting information from groups of people who are not well represented in our studies to date, to understand and promote brain health better.

Date: Thursday 31st August

Time: 5:30pm-7pm

Location: Jabulani Food Court

80-84 Union St, Stonehouse, Plymouth, PL1 3EZ

*Light snacks and beverages will be provided

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