The most important area of POP’s transparency is our decision making. We are currently considering:

  • Who is in vs. who is out.
  • Making timely decisions vs. inviting participation.
  • Deliberation vs. participation.
  • Inviting those with interest vs. consistency.

We are also considering the challenge of creating a “learning culture” in which everyone has a safe space to voice their concerns and challenges, ensuring that we make the best decisions possible.

In 2020 we carried out a review into decision making POP^M Decision Making Review 220720.

POP trustees and the POP team have been testing different ways for members and others to be involved in decision-making:

  • The Network of Networks made decisions on how we allocated the first year of Esmée Fairbairn Foundation funding.
  • The Network of Networks were closely involved in redrafting the funding approach for year two.
  • The Network of Networks formed a panel to make decisions on the Learning & Collaboration Fund.
  • We tested a more open, participative process to decide how to allocate £30,000. CLICK HERE to find out more.
  • POP members rate each of the submissions for POP Collectives funding.

Over the last 2 years POP has developed it’s practice. Below is a visual description of where decisions are made and who is involved. 

We are continuing this work and looking at the role of a POP Trustee in this wider context. Using thought leaders such as Dark Matter Labs #BeyondtheRules — Balanced governance and ‘behaving well’ everywhere, every day. | by Dark Matter | Dark Matter Laboratories ( we are investigating how trustees act as:

  • Holders and champions for the values of POP
  • Auditors of ‘good decision making’

And how this balances with the legal requirements to ensure the charity operates legally – complying with all the legal frameworks applicable to POPs work.