Wildlife Corridor Makers

Current stage: Awarded


  • Inner City Seeds
  • Climate Clarity CIC
  • Hope in the Heart
  • The Village Hub

We hope to work inclusively with our community to develop a wildlife corridor in the heart of Stoke. We are as interested in providing safe spaces for wildlife as we are people and recognise we need some tending of relationships so we can work together really well and hold relationships as carefully as we hold our passion for the planet.

Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

We want to take our gardening project to the next level by learning together about sustainability for people and planet. Using learning and support from Hope in the Heart CIC and Climate Clarity CIC we want to develop our collaborative growing space whereby people know they can come and plant and tend without fear of being criticised, and where we can learn how to be part of the solution to our climate crisis, even in a micro attainable way. We will also be learning how we support a completely open, communal space in ways that don’t demand exclusivity or ownership. Our space is also used as a footpath to the local pub and a place where people can drink and smoke outside, and it also contains bins and rubbish as any traditional back lane, so how do we learn to work together and embrace the use of our wildlife corridor by the humans that regularly use it. And how can we give nature and wildlife as much of a look in as everyone else?

We would like to share learning of how we have found ourselves in the climate crisis and why and how we can disseminate this knowledge around, even to people who might not see the crisis.

Describe how your Collective formed

We formed through Inner City Seeds approaching the Village Hub to develop our small courtyard gardening space since July 2021 with the support of volunteers on a drop in basis. We met with Hope in the Heart as a suitably person centred organisation that could help us learn to appreciate and value our own diversity and uniqueness as well as helping us work together better, and with Climate Clarity CIC as the best ever facilitators of Climate Learning that allows us to look at this huge crisis with a lens of what we can do rather than what is beyond us.

Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?

PLATFORM –An organisation, supported by others, that generates opportunities for self-expression by individuals or organisations.

In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?

We expect to pay for workshops from Hope in the Heart and Climate Clarity to support community members to continue developing excellent relational skills as well as more understanding of the wider issues. We also expect to pay Inner City Seeds to lead the project to include green walls, wildlife planting, other planting and growing along the corridor and in our courtyard garden , delivered by community members. The Village Hub will take a 10% admin fee to pay for utilities, equipment as needed, relational support and publicity.