The Radical Minski Nudge++ Collective

Current stage: Awarded

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  • Minski
  • The Foyer

Collective’s aims and ideas

Ethical fashion to improve the prospects primarily of local residents then artists & other social entrepreneurs – potential isolation of local groups in difficult circumstances, local economy, skill-sharing, throw-away culture, balancing commercial sustainability with real boots on the ground social impact.

Our collective wants to continue building connections already made in our local community, creating memories through offering positive creative experiences with the aim that any person can feel welcome and able to engage, even if it’s a quick hello how are you.

To encourage people that they can really can become makers, make others aware of the meditative & positive mental health aspects of making whilst also offering the sale of bespoke sustainably & ethically produced organic apparel as well as upcycled fashion and inform people about how they may be able to make more planet-friendly choices that avoid our fast fashion industry.

To sell our collective range of products from the social hub that is Nudge’s the Plot, including other local markets that may take place such as the Manor Street Market giving more chance for us to take what we do to the streets. Ultimately it would be great to achieve financial self-sustainability over 6 months in the Plot that would allow for the continuation of creation/social engagement whilst leaving more funding to the rest of our social sector & those joining.

To continue connecting relevant skills in our community that helps to empower people through getting things done in a healthy unrushed way. Raise further funding or build on stronger community lending to secure equipment that will enable our additional goals to be achieved such as digitising local artists work & providing sound experiences for events. If successful, open up the LoveShack for reference that’s a shed space in Nudge’s The Plot, this space will be set up as our collectives HQ that will be open as both a working & retail space where people can pop in and out, ask questions, become educated and inspired about how clothing is made and what they can do to start their own businesses whilst becoming more conscious about our fast fashion industry and it’s devastating effects on our environment.

Inspire more people to take this on board and upcycle their own clothing or bring it in for us to turn into exciting new garments on a pay what you feel basis, dependent on the extravagance of the task Create a website to share & sell what it is we do that will support our goals. Offer free tie-dye hoodie, patchworking sessions to residents of Plymouths Foyer that have already shown a direct interest in a previous collaboration ‘Creative Natures’ with Plymouths Horticultural Therapy Trust. Remain conscious & open to primary feedback from the different demographics of people our social/geographical location will reach, as communities are best built from the people in them – even if that’s a wanderer passing through, every perspective matters.

Continue to offer bespoke 1 2 1 clothing customer co-design services with transparent breakdowns that show every cost & the history of the product.

We believe this work is important in showing the viability of being commercial within the social sector whilst still being able to deliver impact within our community/ies. Fast fashion is detrimental to our environment and we feel that the current societal trend to buy cheap and wear once is doing an injustice to our environment & to life in general, big business creates a culture of consumers, not wacky experimental doers – let’s change that!

How will they work together to achieve this?

What strengths and skills is each person bringing?

Tom: People power & connectivity, with a tendency to not see hierarchies in social or business situations the skill to connect with individuals & make them feel like we are all on the same level is great at letting people leave with a smile.

Nina: A skilled Artist with fabrics and experienced seamstress, able to design and make/repair clothing bringing life & light to what may otherwise just be discarded as waste. Not only is Nina skilled herself, she brings a crew of brilliant creatives that supports her Minski brand in maximising potential engagements with a wonderful online presence.

Lacey: Bringing absolute bucket loads of friendly enthusiastic energy & management skills. Lacey will be helping us coordinate our efforts to get the best out of our shed space in the Plot

Laura: Excellent communication skills & knowledge of all things Nudge/Stonehouse

Cherokee: Expertise in financing & budgeting that will help us to make the right spends at the right time

Marigold: Skills in working directly with people in difficult circumstances in an engaging friendly way.

Why are you working together?

Because we each recognise the importance of community work & sharing what a more responsible lifestyle may look like. We think it’s time more people came together to share skills and learn from each other. By combining all of our diverse skills in collaborative projects, we can stretch our potential much further, inspiring other local creatives to jump on board and add their own diverse skills to the mix.

Have you worked together before?

Some of us have supported each other during community markets in Stonehouse and most have worked together on projects before.

During the first round, POP members were asked to advise you. Tell us what happened. What are your reflections? Have you gained new insight? New partners?

It was great to see so many familiar faces that were able to inquire in a way that was really stimulated deeper thinking on how to better communicate relevant information – whilst also giving a gentle nudge that has pushed forward the further funding goals by forming a more substantial business plan.