Supporting Mens Wellbeing

Current stage: Awarded


  • Art, Craft And Giggles
  • Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC
  • Andys Man Club
Briefly describe your project
We will be working together using a blended approach by combining creative workshops combining creative workshops
with positive and coaching psychology to improve the wellbeing of middle-aged men, reduce the risk of suicide and develop the skills and knowledge they need to be able to manage and maintain their own wellbeing We will deliver an in person, 6-week creative workshop series which will combine arts with a psychology theme e.g. managing emotions. We will utilise our relationship with Andy’s Man club to recruit community members and promote our workshops to those most in need.
Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve
We will deliver a successful series of workshops with each workshop themed to combine researched and proven psychology elements
alongside an art and crafts project. For example, when we explore identity and what makes them who they are, Art Craft and Giggles CIC will lead the creation of a collage and supply the resources and knowledge on how to do this, Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC will lead reflective tasks, develop their knowledge of identity and how it effects wellbeing and explore what makes them authentically who they are as an individual. We
will also cover the following topics and run an arts project alongside each one: loneliness, anxiety, building self-esteem, managing emotions, and developing new healthy habits. We have chosen these topics as we have found through our experience of working with men and the data we have collected that these are all topics which they struggle with, also these topics are all linked to lower psychological wellbeing if they are misunderstood or not managed appropriately. We believe the workshops will equip those who attend with the skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to manage and maintain their own wellbeing throughout their life span, whilst also offering them a safe space to be able to open up, connect with others and have some fun and time for themselves. Reducing social isolation and increasing sense of community, whilst also improving wellbeing and mental health.
Describe how your Collective formed
We have previously collaborated and delivered a similar pilot scheme called Supporting Men’s Wellbeing in Plymouth, where Arts Crafts and Giggles delivered six, weekly in-person craft sessions for men and Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC delivered six, weekly online wellbeing workshops specifically for men. Our feedback found that the in-person workshops where more effective than the online so we have decided to combine the two in order to increase the impact of what we are doing and we are piloting delivering together to see if this improves the quality and outcomes of our project. Also, we previously worked with the St Budeaux and Barne Barton Wellbeing hub however we have decided to work with Andys Man Club this time in order to target a different group of the community and work with different men within Plymouth who are still in need of support. Debbie also has experience of working with Andys Man club and already has a rapport with them.
During the first round, POP members will be asked to advise you. What advice would be most helpful?
Long term funding
Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
MURMURATION – Like a flock of birds flying together, all the organisations of the collective work closely together on all aspects of the project.
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?
Core Funding / Time, Marketing / Promotion