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Describe your aims & ideas

We are PTown Radio, a community interest company. Our slogan, ‘bringing communities together’ is exactly what we aim to achieve. 

Radio can connect people in many different ways, a variety of people from all backgrounds, simply by reaching out. We want to inspire people, and reduce loneliness and the feeling of isolation. We want to be their voice when they can’t speak, their company when they are feeling alone, their passion when they are exhausted and low, and we want to be there to listen to 24/7 spreading positivity to the community of Plymouth. 

We would like to give people the opportunity to become a volunteer radio presenter, expressing themselves through the world of media and arts. We would love to offer the community a local station to listen to at their leisure.

We will connect people, build relationships and improve life’s. We will make everyone feel welcome, to feel apart of the community, simply by giving them the opportunity to be involved in the station, or being the listener. Involving the minority, reaching out to the BAME Community, embracing differences, and to educate about culture, beliefs and ethic groups, by encouraging meditation and prayer, by interviewing young entrepreneurs, new businesses and help deliver local news, by involving families, poetry, chat shows and podcasts, by developing our community, or simply listening to music, we believe here at ptown radio, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. We are passionate about helping others, and love fulfilling the enjoyment radio may bring . It’s helped improve the mental health, with a sense of being. A purpose and reminder that we are alll here together to encourage happiness and development within our communities and to ourselves. 

A community radio station is incredibly important. It plays an important part in the life of the presenters, as well as the community listening daily. “Great choice of tunes, it’s really picked up my spirits today.” Is just one message from a stranger listening, who has no connection to the presenter. They are a stranger no more, but part of a wonderful community within PTown Radio. Radio is important because you never know who is listening and who we may help that day. There is no limit on how many people we can help, radio reaches a wide audience, fast. 

We need the community to work with us, to help the station grow, the community helping the community… bringing communities together.

Describe how will you work together to achieve this.

As a community radio station, our main purpose is to work with the community. 

We believe we need others to support growth, together we will achieve more. 

By collaborating with other organisations we believe we will connect on a higher level. Working with others, we will bring exciting new spaces and opportunities to the community. 

Zara Teare at PTown Radio, manages the social media pages, bringing creative content to help spread awareness of the station. She produces eye catching flyers and posters to engage with the audience in which the listeners may want to get involved with. She works with the presenters and the schedule to offer interviews to the community. Zara has the skills to help teach the new presenters. Many arrive at the station with no previous experience. All they need is willingness to try and learn new skills and passion for radio. 

Diversity Business Incubator is an incredible organisation, reaching out to new and old entrepreneurs, building and developing businesses, offering support and encouragement. Their knowledge is important for the community to hear and we’ve been lucky to worked with Jabo Butera on a weekly basis with the ‘Business Breakfast’ Show every Friday. Broadcasting live on the app, and filmed to offer a playback option on our YouTube channel. It’s proven to be a popular show, knowing the advice is helping other people achieve their ambitions and goals is inspiring. He has the skills to hold a lot of information by memory, to answer questions on the spot. His knowledge around business is valuable to those who need it. 

David Feindouno of Plymouth Hope Organisation, has been a guest here at Ptown Radio. We love to offer interview opportunities to the community. To talk about their businesses, events or personal stories. These interviews connect with the listeners and carry on spreading. The story doesn’t stop at the radio. 

We tried to organise an event with Plymouth Hope, a community fun day to include stalls, sport tournaments, family entertainment and more, a time for the community to come together and enjoy a positive atmosphere, connecting on a social level. However with the pandemic, the event was cancelled and hopefully to be rearrange when times are safer for larger gatherings in public. We know David has management skills and can organise events on a large scale. These kind of events will be an asset in helping the growth of PTown Radio. 

Moving forward we want to help promote businesses of Plymouth by giving the opportunities to have a radio advert. We want to share events being organised by other organisations within the local area and involve the community.