Plymouth and District Junior Netball League

Current stage: Awarded

  • West Devon Junior Netball League
  • Ivybridge Junior Netball Club
  • Musketeers Netball Club
  • Plymstock Community Netball Club
  • West Devon Junior Netball League
Briefly describe your project
To promote Netball in Plymouth. To encourage more players to come forward and try a new sport, make it affordable to all and develop the players we have to enable them to work towards playing regionally and accessing the pathway to county and national netball.
Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve
We want to encourage children to keep fit and healthy by participating in a great team sport that brings children in the community together. By making netball more affordable and accessible to all parts of Plymouth we hope to give children that are possibly struggling with poor mental health and financial hardship the chance to be part of something new. Our aim is to use the funds to go into schools and offer taster sessions, be able to help clubs take on new children by training more coaches and offering additional workshops throughout the year that will be open to all.
We would also like to help children that are members of local clubs to be put forward for their coaching and umpiring qualifications. We have a lack of Level 2 coaches and umpires in Plymouth and at the moment this restricts what we can offer. By subsidising these costs we hope to encourage more people to think about doing these qualifications. We would also like to provide uniforms for our umpires at the junior league. We would also look to support creating Pathways in Plymouth to allow any girls that are exceptionally talented to progress. Currently any girls that fill into this category have to travel to Exeter or Truro.
Describe how your Collective formed
Our collective was formed through the netball community in Plymouth. We are all like minded and want to see netball grow and be more affordable to all. We formed a brand new junior league in March 2022 and vowed to bring Netball back to Plymouth! We all have netball in our hearts and work well as a collective. We all share different attributes that we can offer. Some of us are trained in safe guarding, health and safety, Level 2 netball coaches, finance, policies and procedures. We hope that by sharing our skills we will be able to successfully collaborate and bring something great to Plymouth Netball!
Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
MURMURATION – Like a flock of birds flying together, all the organisations of the collective work closely together on all aspects of the project.
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?
Training / Education