New4You Youth

Current stage: Awarded


  • New4You Youth
  • Ivybridge Youth for Christ
  • The Oasis Project 
Briefly describe your project
At New4You Youth we facilitate a safe space for young people from Plymouth to gather and have fun. We are located near drake’s circus in the city centre. We currently run two youth groups one aimed at years 7-9, including structured activities run by our leaders. The other is for years 10+, which is an unstructured group that allows them to spend time with their friends in a safe and fully equipped youth area. Another key part of our mission we want young people to be able to experience time away with their friends to encourage solid friendships and memories.
Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

As a collective we work together to produce quality activities and residentials for young people from Plymouth and surrounding areas. At New4you we have been running these activities, or similar as over time we have adapted to meet the needs of young people, for over a decade. We aim to run at least 4 residentials a year, taking young people to the likes of Woodlands theme park in Devon and beach weekends away in Cornwall. Through this we can provide memorable times away with their friends that some of which wouldn’t be able to afford. We are passionate about making young people feel valued and giving them the space to explore who they are and who they are made to be through many different activities. These residentials prove to be a time of amazing personal growth and independence for all the young people that attend. One of our key values is that we want to keep the price for young people as low as possible to make it accessible for all young people no matter what their financial constraints may be.

Therefore, as an organisation we try to cover all costs for equipment and travel. However, due to the current rise in running costs we have been struggling to keep these prices down. Therefore, what we would like to achieve as a collective is to see these trips continue into the future by updating our equipment some of which is coming to the end of its usable life. To keep costs low for young people attending we do all our own catering and camp setup on the trips. In addition to this we want to aim to keep these trips as accessible with transport and booking fees. Therefore, as an organisation we aim to seek support from other organisations or seek funding these costs.

Describe how your Collective formed
Our collective has formed quite naturally over the past few years due to the links between our organisations, through the way we support and encourage young people. Through our weekly groups at New4You Youth we have good links with the team at Ivybridge Youth for Christ, as we do a lot of similar work across different areas of Plymouth and surroundings. At New4You Youth we also have a strong link with the Oasis Centre, home of the Plymouth Foodbank, due to many personal links with the team. However, we have also found it so encouraging to work together to make young people aware of what the Foodbank does through collecting donations but also visiting the centre. This is for the young people to know where support can be found if they ever should need it but also ways that they can personally support the charitable work.
Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
PLATFORM –An organisation, supported by others, that generates opportunities for self-expression by individuals or organisations.
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent on?
Equipment Upgrades
During the first round, POP members will be asked to advise you. What advice would be most helpful?

We are currently in need of updating our camping resources, so if anyone has any advice of shops that can offer charity discounts for these resources that would be useful for us to look into.

It is also becoming more challenging for us to source mini buses to be able to use for these trips at affordable prices, therefore, we would also apricate contact details of any organisations that may be able to help us in this.
Also any other general advice that you feel would support us in running our weekly youth groups or residential would be greatly appreciated