Ernesettle Launch Pad

Current stage: Awarded

  • Ernesettle Community Network
  • St Aidan’s Church
  • 31st Plymouth Scout Group
Briefly describe your project
Ernesettle Community Network, St Aidan’s Church and 31st Scouts will work together to reinstate the Ernesettle Carnival for the Coronation of King Charles 3rd and as a launch event for the Ernesettle Community Network. The Carnival will then continue as an annual event, including the passing on of the King’s and Queen’s crowns each year. We will host a shopping and craft village and other types of fun-day activities with the addition of live music running until early evening.
Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve
This collaboration aims to bring people together to reduce social isolation and improve their well-being. All groups, residents and organisations who live and work primarily in the Ernesettle area and also in the wider Plymouth community will be brought together in a Carnival parade which will bring diverse communities together to celebrate their uniqueness and to also share their skills and knowledge. The collaboration will also promote inclusion. We hope that all who come to the event will have fun and feel accepted within the event. The event will take place on 6th May and run from 1100 – 2000 and have 2 distinct sections, the fun-day part finishing by 1600 and the live music and a BBQ continuing until 2000.
St Aidan’s are committed to playing their part in seeing the Ernesettle community flourish and thrive and helping residents through challenging times.
31st Plymouth Scout Group has a strong ethos of community and will help with the logistics of the day and to take on certain activities like the sports events.
The collective hope is to achieve a willingness for more Ernesettle community groups to come together to put on events for the residents. To bring together different community groups who have a variety of skills and creativity to problem solving in making the event a success. It will show other POP organisations within the Ernesettle area the benefits of collaboration.
The hope would be that this is a launch event for the new Ernesettle Community Network. City wide organisations and POP members would be invited to be part of the day to celebrate Ernesettle (and with the NSPCC Together for Childhood pilot project) as a safe and welcoming space and to then have these groups and organisations collaborating together through the network.
The majority of the funding will be spent on this event but if there is anything left it will go to other events that the Ernesettle Community Network would like to put on later in the year with other POP members in Ernesettle.
Describe how your Collective formed
It started off with community members who are part of Ernesettle Community Network and St Aidan’s Church coming together to talk about having an event for the coronation. At the next Ernesettle Community Network meeting the idea was brought to those present and asked who wanted to be part of the collaboration. Due to the ideas brought to the table we thought that it would be good for other organisations to be involved like Pride and Scrapstore.
All organisations within the collective have a strong ethos of community so wanted to come together to put something on for the community of Ernesettle.
Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
MURMURATION – Like a flock of birds flying together, all the organisations of the collective work closely together on all aspects of the project.
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?