Confidence Booster Workshops

Current stage: Awarded


● Art Craft & Giggles CIC

● Wellbeing Workshop Devon CIC

● All-Inclusive Textiles

● Kristina Coles Fashion & Textile Designer

Briefly describe your project

Together we plan to deliver 8 x 3 hour confidence boosting workshops over 8 weeks for women from low income households ( working or not). They will be held at the Art Craft & Laughter studio in St Budeaux. Free tea & biscuits will also be offered.

As we already have an established connection within the community, we asked them for suggestions on what issues they would like the workshops to tackle. Examples were:

• Learn new skills

• Make new friends

• Reduce stress and anxieties

• Build confidence

• Breathe without pressure

Also, with the current cost of living crisis we believe the participants will be able to save money by developing skills which will enable them to save money as they will be able to upcycle the clothes they already have.

Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

From the feedback Kristina Coles decided to deliver 4 weeks of dress for confidence course (between week 1-4) aimed at boosting the confidence of women by teaching them how to enhance their natural beauty using fashion, discover personal style, discover body shapes and how to dress flatteringly, choosing right colour palette for one’s skin complexion and building a bespoke functional wardrobe. The feedback, from all previous workshops showed that the target of increasing confidence was achieved.

Within week 5 Wellbeing Workshops Devon CIC will deliver a one-off wellbeing workshop which aims to build the participants confidence, develop a growth mindset and acceptance of self. This workshop will look to marry the the dress for confidence workshop and practical sewing skills workshop together. With the aim to reinforce the understanding and acceptance of self, covered within the first 4 weeks and to provide a platform of a growth mindset for the participants to carry forward and to be able to try new and challenging skills.

Week 6-8 All Inclusive Textiles & Art Craft & Giggles CIC for these workshop we will teach ladies to use a sewing machine, understand & cut out a pattern & assemble & sew an easy stitch skirt. This will tie into the previous dress for confidence workshops by giving them the opportunity to create an item of clothing which they feel confident within. This will also give them the skills to be able to adjust their own garments in the future and be able to change their clothing to dress with confidence.

Our aims are to provide the participants who attend our workshops with the skills to be able to manage and maintain their own wellbeing in relation to understanding and accepting themselves for who they are and their personal appearance. Developing confidence, positive mindset, and practical skills which they can take forward and apply within their lives during and after the workshops. Giving them lifelong skills, which can help to support them throughout their lives.

In order to measure the impact of the workshops, we will ask the participants to complete a journal to track their journey. We will ask them things like what they have learnt, how the workshops have made them feel and what they are grateful for. This will provide us with qualitative feedback and enable us to look for themes within the data.

Describe how your Collective formed

Debbie at Art, Craft and Giggles CIC contacted the members of the collective to be able to form the group. Each member of the group has experience of delivering our specialities and we have all crossed over at some point and believed that we could a great project together. We have chosen to work together as each organisation has the same morals and values regarding wellbeing and improving within the community. We all have specific specialties that when bought together will have a positive impact on the communities we work within.

Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?

RELAY TEAM – Like an athletics team, a collective where one team member works on the project then passes the baton

In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?

Core Funding / Time