Community Climate Centre

Current stage: Awarded

  • Community Climate Centre
  • Climate Action Plymouth
  • Environment Plymouth
Briefly describe your project
This project is two-fold. Firstly, we will provide a sequence of events around the climate/environment. This entails: talks, workshops, training, screenings, etc. This is aimed at bringing new people into the climate movement. We will also run events for people and groups who are already involved in social change and climate action, building leadership and capacity to steer Plymouth towards net zero emissions.

Secondly, we’ll work towards securing another building to be the home-base for our community. We need to spend dedicated time on the practical steps to realise that dream.

Describe what you hope your Collective will achieve

We hope to engage more people around climate change and environmental issues. We hope to spread knowledge so people can make informed decisions. And provide pathways for people to join groups (because just doing things as an individual can feel very lonely and is not impactful enough) and participate in collective action. In order to achieve this we will continue to partner up with all the amazing groups working on these issues (not just the collaborators of this application, but all the organisations in our network).

Moreover, we hope to continue the journey of providing a community space for people, groups and organisations that are involved with climate, environment and social change. Our aim is to build trust, connection and solidarity between people, groups and organisations and provide opportunities for dialogue and celebration. Climate Action Plymouth and Environment Plymouth are fantastic partners to work together on this project. EP brings together many different groups, businesses and organisations. CAP is an amazing organiser of events and their recent book on combustion free energy and heat is a true guide for how to work towards net zero targets in the city. Moreover, we hope to work together with all groups and organisations in our network to organise events and create a physical home-base together.

We hope to acquire a building that will be in the hands of the community forever. We might have to rent for the time being, but we will set up another legal structure to be able to give out community shares, to raise funds for a building that is owned by the community. This will take time, but is totally possible!

Describe how your Collective formed

Last year the Community Climate Centre transformed the old Waterstones building on New George Street for 6 months. The project and partnerships thrived with more than 4,000 visits. We organised and hosted many events, from film screenings, meetings, training and workshops, to music performances, and free bike repairs. A beautiful and strong community formed in the space, where we worked together with loads of groups and organisations, including Climate Action Plymouth and Environment Plymouth.

As our lease ended in December, the project is now moving into a new phase to engage the community.

Which collaboration “shape” do you expect will best describe your project?
MURMURATION – Like a flock of birds flying together, all the organisations of the collective work closely together on all aspects of the project.
In which areas would you expect most of your grant to be spent?
Core Funding / Time