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Plymouth COVID-19 Update from the Director of Public Health

The rate of COVID-19 cases has now exceeded 130 cases per 100,000 and the numbers are still increasing. We are also seeing an increase in people being admitted to hospital because of this virus. The city is on the cusp of a Tier 2 level; meaning tougher restrictions. We can expect to enter Tier 2…
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POP+ Survey Reveals Survival & Closure Within Plymouth’s Voluntary & Community Sector

Plymouth VCSE survey – April 2020 – Summary The voluntary and community sector in Plymouth is showing an extraordinary level of resilience, adaption and innovation despite being severely affected by the conditions put in place to tackle the coronavirus pandemic. A survey of the sector carried out by POP+ (Plymouth Octopus Project) in the last…
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Call for disused digital devices from Borrrow Don’t Buy & Nudge Community Builders

Have you got unloved, spare digital devices that are taking up space and gathering dust that could be given a new lease of life for someone else to use and get on-line? Borrow Don’t Buy, supported by Nudge Community Builders, need your old digital devices to repurpose and recycle them so that local people can…
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POP+ Zoom Play & Learn

With the lockdown extended, many people are finding novel – and meaningful – ways to come together through the internet using platforms, such as, ‘zoom’ and ‘houseparty’. Here at POP+ we are aware that technology can really help to connect people and so we have been hosting – and continue to host – ‘zoom’ sessions…
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Take a Part – Non-Digital Engagement Toolkit

At a time when the world is increasingly turning to digital solutions, are there ways we can go analog still or combine the two? How can we make sure we do not leave people behind by forging ahead with a digital framework? Take a Part has created an open-source Non-Digital Engagement Toolkit to share ideas for…
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A Dance to the Music of Time

A Dance to the Music of Time is a community photography project by Fotonow CIC. It aims to connect with isolated older residents of Plymouth by capturing and sharing their stories.   If you, or anyone you know, might like to take part then get in touch at or 07497 239894.

WonderZoo – Call for Submissions

Following on from the creation of the WonderZoo 4th Anniversary zine, WonderZoo is accepting submissions from local artists for an online anthology of selected poetry, writing and artwork. The new work will launch during the WonderZoo online performance event via Zoom on 30 April. Click here for further info. If you would like to be…
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S’way into Nature – Big Will’s Memorial Garden

Background If you have walked by, visited or tried to park at the Southway Youth & Community Centre, you would have noticed that there are some changes happening in and around the grounds of Southway. This all started with Big Will’s Memorial Garden at the front of the building. The project has being coordinated and…
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The Big Fix brought to you by the Repair, Make & Mend Collective

A vintage doll, a Goblin Teasmade and a couple of cine cameras were just some of the weird and wonderful repairs made at The Big Fix on Saturday the 15th of February. More than thirty broken, chipped and damaged items including toys, household goods and garments were carried into the Plymouth Scrapstore on Union Street…
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Q&A from POP+ Learning & Collaboration Event

POP+’s recent climate crisis event provoked much reflection, suggestions and questions. As POP+ considers what we can to to reduce our carbon footprint we’d like to hear from you about the support you might like to have; the conversations you might already be having and how, working together, we can tread more lightly. Comments regarding…
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