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We are an established Youth Work Project with a passion to transform the lives of young people in our City. We run several youth residential trips every year giving young people experiences to go and create memories with lasting friendships. These are hugely rewarding trips some of the locations including Watergate Bay, Heatree Activity centre and Woodlands Theme Park. However, we want these to be accessible for all families without concern or limitations due to the cost.

Project description

Our Youth Work Project is dedicated to transforming the lives of young people in our city by providing engaging and empowering activities that promote their personal and social development. One of the ways we do this is by running several youth residential trips every year. These trips give young people the opportunity to experience new things, make lasting friendships, and create unforgettable memories. However, we recognize that the cost of these trips can be a barrier for many families, particularly those from neighbourhoods with high levels of deprivation.

To ensure that these trips are accessible to all young people in our community, we are seeking funding to subsidize the cost of attendance for families who may not be able to afford it. By doing so, we hope to promote fairness and equity by ensuring that every young person, regardless of their financial circumstances, has the opportunity to benefit from these enriching experiences. Our residential trips provide a unique opportunity for them to break away from their daily routines, experience new things, and build important life skills such as teamwork, communication, and problem-solving.

Furthermore, our project targets action to enhance the wellbeing of local young people, particularly those from neighbourhoods with high levels of deprivation. We recognize that these young people face multiple barriers, including limited access to resources and opportunities, social isolation, and poor mental health. Our project aims to address these issues by providing a fun, safe, and warm environment where they can connect with peers, build supportive relationships with youth workers, and engage in activities that promote their wellbeing.

To ensure that our project is community-led, we network with other youth groups and organisations in the local area. Consulting with them to understand the specific needs and challenges facing young people in these areas and incorporate their feedback into our program design. By doing so, we are able to deliver activities that are responsive to the needs and interests of the young people we serve.

We will ensure that that the funds are spent on supporting families that have a need, due to the cost of living crisis this year we are aware of so many more that have financial limitations therefore our sums are worked to support the entire cost of unto 15 young people for all of our trips until the end of the year. The funds will be split equatively depending on the individual need.

Funding needed £2475

What group or groups of people will the project be working with and why?

Our project works with young people aged 11-18. This is a key age in social and emotional development, we want young people to have the chance to develop positively in these areas so our aim is to give them an environment to do so. We aim to provide young people with opportunities to develop their social and emotional skills, build their self-confidence, and experience new things. Through these trips, we hope to create lasting memories and friendships that will support them in their future endeavours. We also aim to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where young people can be themselves and feel accepted for who they are.

What areas will the project be working in?City wide

We are City Centre based, however, are aware that many of our young people attend our groups from the PL1 – PL4 localities. We are conscious that the city centre is not typically seen as to have a community feel. However, we are encouraged by the fact that the City Centre is the heart of Plymouth and all are welcome here. We have a passion to support the community of young people that are drawn into the city centre. Giving opportunities and support to those that need it most.

What is the group or organisations track record? Track record:
Been delivering for many years

How new is the idea? Experimentation:
Been delivering for years


Salaries & peoples time 0%

Project costs 35%

Event/hire/rent 65%

IT spend 0%

Core costs 0%

Capital 0%

Organisations involved

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